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Published Date 31 Jan 2013
Printed Publication Date 31 Jan 2013



Customs Act 1901 – Part XVB



Finding in relation to a continuation inquiry

Public notice under subsections 269ZHG(1) and (4)

The Australian Customs and Border Protection Service (Customs and Border Protection) has completed its inquiry, which commenced on 10 August 2012, into whether the expiration of the anti‑dumping measures applying to 2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (2,4-D) exported to Australia from the People’s Republic of China (China), would lead, or would be likely to lead, to a continuation of, or a recurrence of, the dumping and the material injury that the measures are intended to prevent.  The recommendation resulting from that inquiry, reasons for the recommendation, and material findings of fact and law in relation to the inquiry are contained in International Trade Remedies Branch Report No.189A (REP 189A).

I, JASON CLARE, the Minister for Home Affairs, have considered REP 189A and have decided to accept the recommendation and reasons for the recommendation, including all the material findings of facts or law therein, that the anti-dumping measures applying to 2,4-D exported to Australia from China should continue from 25 March 2013.

I declare, for the purposes of the Customs Act 1901 (the Act), that I have decided to take steps to secure the continuation of anti-dumping measures currently applying to 2,4-D exported to Australia from China.

I determine that the dumping duty notice continues in force after 25 March 2013 for a further five years unless earlier revoked.  

REP 189A can be obtained from Customs and Border Protection’s internet site at www.customs.gov.au or on request from the International Trade Remedies Branch on telephone (02) 6275 6547.


Enquiries regarding the outcome of the inquiry may be directed to the Case Manager on telephone number (02) 6275 6173, facsimile (02) 6275 6990 or email itrops3@customs.gov.au



Dated this                                            18th day of     January                                          2013









Minister for Home Affairs