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Public Service Medal Determination - 11/11/1991

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Public Service Medal Determination
Administered by: Prime Minister and Cabinet
General Comments: Gazette No. S315 of 1991 (18 November 1991)
Registered 18 Jan 2010


I, WILLIAM GEORGE HAYDEN, Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia, having received the approval of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II for the design of the Public Service Medal, and acting under regulations 5 and 6 of the Public Service Medal Regulations, determine as follows:

Medal design

1.       The Public Service Medal is a circular nickel-silver medal 38 millimetres in diameter ensigned with a seven-pointed Federation Star in nickel-silver. The obverse bears an inner circle showing four planetary gears spaced equally around a sun gear at its centre and is surrounded by the words “PUBLIC SERVICE”. An outer circle shows 36 upright human figures representing a range of occupations and activities. The reverse bears a wreath of mimosa surrounding the inscription “FOR OUTSTANDING SERVICE”.

Medal ribbon

2.       The Medal is suspended from a ribbon 32 millimetres wide. The ribbon has 12 alternating stripes of green and gold of varying widths. The widest green stripe appears on the left-hand side and the widest gold stripe appears on the right-hand side. In between are alternating green and gold stripes of varying widths.

Medal dress

3.       The Medal is worn on the left breast whenever full size orders, decorations and medals are worn.

Medal Miniature

4.       The miniature of the Public Service Medal is a half-size replica of the Medal suspended from a miniature ribbon 16 millimetres wide. The miniature Medal is worn whenever miniatures of orders, decorations and medals are worn.

Lapel badge

5.       The lapel badge of the Public Service Medal is a replica of the central device of planetary gears of the Medal 10 millimetres in diameter. The badge may be worn at any time with civilian dress.

Order of Precedence

6.       The Medal is worn in accordance with the Australian Order of Precedence of Honours and Awards as approved from time to time by The Sovereign.

Dated 11th November 1991

Original Signed by Bill Hayden