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SR 1992 No. 336 Regulations as made
Principal Regulations; Repeals the Health Insurance (1992 Pathology Services Table) Regulations.
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Tabled HR05-Nov-1992
Gazetted 27 Oct 1992
Date of repeal 01 Nov 1993
Repealed by Health Insurance (1993-1994 Pathology Services Table) Regulations







Statutory Rules 1992   No. 3361


Health Insurance (1992-1993 Pathology Services Table) Regulations

I, The Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia, acting with the advice of the Federal Executive Council, make the following Regulations under the Health Insurance Act 1973.

         Dated 20 October 1992.


                                                                                     BILL HAYDEN


         By His Excellency’s Command,



Minister of State for Health, Housing

and Community Services



               1.   These Regulations may be cited as the Health Insurance (1992-1993 Pathology Services Table) Regulations.


               2.   These Regulations commence on 1 November 1992.


               3.   Statutory Rules 1991 No. 442, and 1992 Nos. 23, 46 and 273 are repealed.

Pathology services table

               4.   The table of pathology services in the Schedule is prescribed for the purposes of subsection 4a (2) of the Health Insurance Act 1973.







               1.   (1)  In this table, unless the contrary intention appears:

“patient episode” means:

              (a)   a pathology service to which rule 3a refers that is provided in the circumstances described in that rule that relate to the service; and

              (b)   except in the case of a pathology service to which paragraph (a) refers—a pathology service or pathology services, whether specified in a single item or in more than 1 items, provided for a single patient whose need for the service or services was determined under subsection 16a (1) of the Act on the same day, whether rendered by an approved pathology practitioner or more than 1 approved pathology practitioner on the same day or on different days;

“recognised pathologist” means a medical practitioner recognised as a specialist in pathology under a determination under subsection 61 (3) of the Act;

“the Act” means the Health Insurance Act 1973.

              (2)   In these Rules, a reference to a request to an approved pathology practitioner includes a reference to a request for a pathologist-determinable service to which subsection 16a (6) of the Act applies.



              (3)   Unless the contrary intention appears, a reference in this table by number to an item that is not included in this table is a reference to the correspondingly numbered item in the general medical services table or the diagnostic imaging services table, as each case requires.


               2.   (1)     If a service is described:

              (a)   in an item in general terms; and

              (b)   in another item in specific terms:

only the item that describes the service in specific terms applies to the service.

              (2)   If:

              (a)   a service is described in 2 or more items; and

              (b)   subrule (1) does not apply;

only the item that provides the lower or lowest fee for the service applies to the service.


               3.   (1)     In subrule (2), “service” includes an assay, estimation and test. 

              (2)   Subject to rule 3a, 2 or more pathology services rendered for a patient following 2 or more requests are taken to have been rendered following a single request if:

              (a)   the services are listed in the same item; and

              (b)   the patient’s need for the services was determined under subsection 16(1) of the Act on the same day even if they are rendered by an approved pathology practitioner on more than one day.


            3a.   (1)     Rule 3 does not apply to:

              (a)   a pathology service specified in item 66201, other than an estimation of cholesterol, fructosamine, lithium or triglycerides; or

              (b)   the quantitative estimation of 1 or more fractions of neonatal bilirubin specified in item 66273;





              (c)   the service is rendered in relation to a single specimen taken on each of not more than 4 occasions in a period of 24 hours; and

              (d)   the service is rendered to a patient in a hospital unit where:

                           (i)   the presence of 1 nurse is required for each group of not more than 4 patients; and

                          (ii)   the condition of the patients is continuously observed in relevant respects; and

              (e)   in order to render the service, an approved pathology practitioner who is a recognised pathologist has to arrange for a member of the laboratory staff of the approved pathology authority concerned to undertake duties in respect of the service that are in addition to the usual duties of the staff member.

              (2)   Rule 3 does not apply to any of the following pathology services rendered in relation to a single specimen taken on each of not more than 6 occasions in a period of 6 months:

              (a)   estimation of prothrombin time in respect of a patient undergoing anticoagulant therapy;

              (b)   quantitative estimation of lithium in respect of a patient undergoing lithium therapy;

              (c)   a service specified in item 65007 in relation to a patient undergoing chemotherapy for neoplastic disease or immunosuppressant therapy;

              (d)   a service specified in item 65007 in relation to methotrexate, gold or penicillamine therapy of a patient;

              (e)   a service specified in item 66201 in relation to methotrexate therapy of a patient;

               (f)   quantitative estimation of urea, creatinine and electrolytes in relation to:

                           (i)   cis-platinum therapy of a patient; or

                          (ii)   chronic renal failure of a patient being treated in a dialysis program conducted by a recognised hospital.

              (3)   This rule does not apply in relation to a pathology service unless the account for fees in respect of the service is endorsed with the words “Rule 3 Exemption”.




               4.   If:

              (a)   a pathology service to which an item of the table applies is rendered for a patient in accordance with a request; and

              (b)   another pathology service is rendered for the patient in accordance with the request; and

              (c)   an item of the table:

                           (i)   applies to the other service; and

                          (ii)   is referred to in the item mentioned in paragraph (a);

the other service is treated as if it were part of the service referred to in paragraph (a).



                     Dr Proctor requests an extended blood grouping test (covered by item 65019) and the test includes a basic blood grouping test (covered by item 65017).  Item 65017 is referred to in item 65019. Benefit is payable under item 65019 for the extended blood grouping test but benefit is not payable separately under item 65017 for the basic blood grouping test.


               5.   For the purposes of items 65001 to 66200 (inclusive):

              (a)   if pathology services of a kind referred to in item 65017 or 65019 are rendered for a patient during a period when the patient is in hospital, the item applies only to the first pathology service of that kind rendered for the patient during that period; and

              (b)   tests (except the tests mentioned in item 65023) carried out on material stored from a previous patient episode in response to a later request are treated as part of that previous patient episode if the second request is made within 14 days of that previous patient episode.


            5a.   (1)     In this rule:

“designated pathology service” means a pathology service specified in item 66241, 66313 or 69241.


              (2)   Subject to subrule (3), if an approved pathology practitioner in an approved pathology authority:

              (a)   has been requested to render a pathology service that specified 2 or more estimations comprised in a designated pathology service; and

              (b)   is unable to perform 1 or more, but not all, of the estimations because of the lack of facilities in, or expertise or experience of the staff of, the laboratory of the authority in relation to that estimation or those estimations; and

              (c)   requests an approved pathology practitioner in another approved pathology authority to render 1 or more, but not all, of the estimations;

the service rendered by the second-mentioned practitioner is taken to be the designated pathology service.

              (3)   Items 73901 to 73917 (inclusive) do not apply to the second-mentioned approved pathology practitioner in subrule (2).


               6.   For the purposes of items 66201 to 69200 (inclusive):

              (a)   if a pathology service involving the measurement of a substance in urine requires a 24 hour urine collection, or calculation of a substance/creatinine ratio, the service is treated as including any estimation of creatinine in other fluids necessary for the calculation; and

              (b)   tests carried out on material stored from a previous patient episode in response to a later request are treated as part of that previous patient episode if the second request is made within 14 days of that previous patient episode.


               7.   For the purposes of items 69201 to 71000 (Inclusive):

              (a)   “serial examinations or cultures” means examinations or cultures requested on 1 occasion whether or not;

                           (i)   the materials are received on different days by the approved pathology practitioner; or

                          (ii)   the examinations or cultures were requested on 1 or more request forms by the treating practitioner; and



              (b)   tests carried out on material stored from a previous patient episode in response to a later request are treated as part of that previous patient episode if the second request occurs within 14 days of that previous patient episode.


               8.   For the purposes of items 71001 to 72800 (inclusive):

              (a)   in items 71025,  71027, 71029 and 71031, the estimation of a single antibody includes qualitative and quantitative assays for that antibody; and

              (b)   tests carried out on material stored from a previous patient episode in response to a later request are treated as part of that previous patient episode if the second request occurs within 14 days of that previous patient episode.


               9.   For the purposes of items 72801 to 73040 (inclusive):

              (a)   “biopsy material” means all tissue received by the approved pathology practitioner from an operation, or a group of operations, performed on a patient at the same time, other than a bone marrow biopsy; and

              (b)   if:

                           (i)   a pathology service that is the examination of biopsy material is rendered under any of those items; and

                          (ii)   a further pathology service mentioned in any of those items is also rendered using that biopsy material;

                     those pathology services are treated as 1 pathology service.


             10.   for the purposes of items 73041 to 73280 (inclusive), “serial examinations” means examinations requested on 1 occasion whether or not:

              (a)   the materials are received on different days by the approved pathology practitioner; or

              (b)   the examinations were requested on 1 or more request forms by the treating practitioner.



             11.   (1)     For the purposes of this rule and items 73901 to 73921 (inclusive):

“approved pathology authority” has the same meaning as in Division 4a of Part IIa of the Act;

“institution” means a place (other than a hospital, a nursing home or accommodation for aged persons that is attached to a nursing home or situated within a nursing home complex) at which residential accommodation or day care is, or both residential accommodation and day care are, made available to:

              (a)   disadvantaged children; or

              (b)   juvenile offenders; or

              (c)   aged persons; or

              (d)   chronically ill psychiatric patients; or

              (e)   homeless persons; or

               (f)   unemployed persons; or

              (g)   persons suffering from alcoholism; or

              (h)   persons addicted to drugs; or

               (i)   physically or mentally handicapped persons.

“licensed collection centre” has the same meaning as in Part IIa of the Act;

“prescribed laboratory” means a laboratory operated by:

              (a)   the Commonwealth; or

              (b)   a State; or

              (c)   an authority of a State or Territory; or

              (d)   the Northern Territory; or

              (e)   the Australian Capital Territory; or

               (f)   an Australian tertiary education institution.

“specimen collection centre” has the same meaning as in Part IIA of the Act;

“temporary collection centre” has the same meaning as in Part IIA of the Act;

“treating practitioner” has the same meaning as in paragraph 16A (1)(a) of the Act.


              (2)   A service mentioned in items 73901 to 73921 (inclusive) applies to a pathology service when rendered by, or on behalf of, an approved pathology practitioner who is a recognised pathologist unless:

              (a)   the service is rendered upon a request made in the course of an out-patient service at a recognised hospital; or

              (b)   the service is rendered upon a request made for a patient who is a private patient in a recognised hospital when the request was made; or

              (c)   the pathology equipment of a recognised hospital, or prescribed laboratory, is used rendering the service; or

              (d)   a member of the staff of a recognised hospital, or prescribed laboratory, participates in the service in the course of the member’s employment with the hospital or laboratory.

              (3)   A service mentioned in items 73901 to 73921 (inclusive) does not apply to a pathology service:

              (a)   to which subsection 16a (7) of the Act applies; or

              (b)   unless at least one of items 65001 to 73529 (inclusive) also applies to that service.

              (4)   If one item of items 73901 to 73917 (inclusive) applies to a patient episode, none of the remainder of those items applies to that patient episode.

              (5)   Item 73921:

              (a)   applies only to the approved pathology practitioner or approved pathology authority to whom the specimen mentioned in the item was referred; and


          11a.   If item 73921 applies to a patient episode, none of items 73901 to 73917 (inclusive) applies to any pathology service rendered by the approved pathology authority or the approved pathology provider in respect of that patient episode.


             12.   The abbreviations at the end of the table may be used to identify particular pathology services or groups of pathology services.








Blood count consisting of erythrocyte count, C-reactive protein, erythrocyte sedimentation rate, blood viscosity, haematocrit, haemoglobin, platelet count, leucocyte count, reticulocyte count—1 or 2 procedures   








3 or more procedures to which item 65001 applies, including any calculation or measurement of erythrocyte or other indices   







Examination of blood film, with or without 5 part differential cell count, or 5 part differential cell count with or without examination of blood film, and if performed, any of these additional services—Direct Coombs test, tests for heterophile antibodies, cold agglutinins, examination of blood film by special stains to demonstrate Heinz bodies, parasites or iron, or examination of a blood film with alpha-naphthyl acetate esterase, choloroacetate esterase, neutrophil alkaline phosphatase, nitroblue tetrazolium, periodic acid Schiff, Sudan Black stains, or Kleihauer test for HbF on blood film, including any services specified in item 65027  















Full blood examination consisting of items 65003 and 65005  






Erythrocytes, qualitative or quantitative assessment of haemolysis or metabolic enzymes by—erythrocyte autohaemolysis test, erythrocyte fragility test, sugar water test, erythrocyte metabolic enzyme test, heat denaturation test, isopropanol precipitation test, acid haemolysis test, and quantitation of muramidase in serum or urine - 1 or more procedures   











Tests for the diagnosis of haemoglobinopathy consisting of haemoglobin electrophoresis and 2 of the following—examination for HbH, quantitation of HbA2 or HbF, including any services specified in items 65001, 65003, 65005 and 65007  











Histopathological examination of sections of bone marrow trephine biopsy including where indicated, examination of marrow smears and any special stains and immunochemical techniques, including any services specified in items 65001, 65003, 65005, 65007 and 65015 










Bone marrow examination of aspirated material including any special stains, immunochemical techniques and clot sections where necessary, including any services specified in items 65001, 65003, 65005 and 65007   









Blood grouping, including back-grouping when performed—ABO and Rh (D antigen)   







Blood grouping—Rh phenotypes, Kell system, Duffy system, M and N factors or any other blood group system—1 or more systems, including any services specified in item 65017  








Blood grouping, including back-grouping when performed, and examination of serum for Rh and other blood group antibodies, including identification and quantitative estimation of any antibodies detected, and including any services specified in items 65001, 65003, 65005 and 65007  










Compatibility testing, including all necessary grouping checks of patient and donor, examination for antibodies, identification and, if necessary, quantitative estimation of any antibodies detected and any services specified in items 65001, 65003, 65005, 65007, 65017 and 65021 including all testing performed on any 1 day  










Examination of serum for blood group antibodies including identification and, if necessary, quantitative estimation of any antibodies detected  








Direct Coombs test, qualitative or quantitative test for cold agglutinins, or heterophile antibodies, qualitative spectroscopic examination of blood for abnormal haemoglobins, qualitative test for red cell porphyrins and detection of metalbumin (Schumm’s test) including those services specified in items 65005 and 65007 - 1 or more tests    













Skin bleeding time, coagulation time, prothrombin time, activated partial thromboplastin time, thrombin time (including test for presence of an inhibitor and serial tests for fibrinolysis), test for factor XIII deficiency, fibrinogen, or 1 of—fibrinogen degradation products, fibrin monomer or D-dimer—1 estimation  










2 estimations specified in item 65029  






3 estimations specified in item 65029  






4 or more estimations specified in item 65029  






Quantitative assay, by 1 or more techniques, of plasminogen, antithrombin III, Protein C, Protein S, heparin cofactor II, euglobulin clot lysis time and test for lupus anticoagulant—1 estimation  









4 or more estimations specified in item 65037  






Platelet aggregation in response to ADP, collagen, 5HT, ristocetin or similar substance—1 or more estimations  







Heparin assay, only when monitoring a patient on subcutaneous heparin or low molecular weight heparin —1 or more estimations  







Quantitative assay of Von Willebrand’s factor antigen (factor VIII related antigen), Von Willebrand’s factor (ristocetin cofactor), factor II, factor V, factor VII, factor VIII, factor IX, factor X, factor XI, factor XII, factor XIII, Fletcher factor, Fitzgerald factor, Passovy factor —1 estimation  










2 estimations as specified in item 65045  






3 or more estimations as specified in item 65045  

















Quantitative estimation in serum, plasma, urine or any other body fluid, by any method except by reagent strip with or without reflectance meter or electrophoresis of—alanine aminotransferase, albumin, alkaline phosphatase, amylase, aspartate aminotransferase, bicarbonate, bilirubin (total and any fractions), calcium (total, dialysed or ionized), chloride, cholesterol, creatine kinase, creatine kinase isoenzymes (when not performed as specified in item 66245), creatinine, fructosamine, gamma glutamyl transpeptidase, globulin, glucose, lactate dehydrogenase, lipase, lithium, magnesium, phosphate, potassium, total protein, sodium, triglycerides, urate, urea - 1 estimation   
















2 estimations specified in item 66201  






3 estimations specified in item 66201  






4 estimations specified in item 66201  






5 estimations specified in item 66201  






6 or more estimations specified in item 66201






Qualitative estimation by any method, except by reagent strip or dip-stick of the following urine constituents—bilirubin, cystine (cysteine), haemoglobin, melanin (melanogen), myoglobin, porphobilinogen, porphyrins, urobilinogen or pH measurement of body fluids other than urine (excepting urine acidification test), or cryoglobulins or cryofibrinogen in plasma - 1 or more estimations   











Quantitative estimation of cryoglobulins or cryofibrinogen after a positive result for cryoglobulin is obtained in any service specified in item 66213 (including provision of that service)—1 or more estimations  









Qualitative estimation by any method except by reagent strip or dip-stick of the following faecal constituents—haemoglobin, porphyrins, reducing substances—each estimation, to a maximum of 3 estimations, taken on separate days   











Immunological detection of human haemoglobin in faeces, including any additional services specified in item 66217—1 estimation in any 28 day period  








Osmolality, estimation by osmometer, in serum or in urine—1 or more estimations  







Quantitative estimation of blood gases including tests performed from—pO2, oxygen saturation, pCO2, bicarbonate, pH, and any other measurement (eg. haemoglobin, potassium) or calculation performed on the same specimen—1 or more estimations on 1 specimen 










Estimation of blood gases as specified in item 66225 on each specimen in excess of 1 to a maximum of 6 specimens within any 1 day   








Calculus, analysis of 1 or more  






Drug or chemical assays—including all qualitative and quantitative tests on blood, urine or other body fluid for a drug or drugs of abuse, including illegal drugs and legally available drugs taken other than in appropriate dosage, ingested or absorbed toxic chemicals including any services specified in items 66235, 66237 and 66239, but excluding the surveillance of sports people and athletes for performance improving substances—1 or more assays  












Drug assays—including all qualitative and quantitative estimations on blood, urine or other body fluid for a drug or drugs of abuse or a therapeutic drug on a sample collected from a patient participating in a drug abuse treatment programme, or being treated for drug effects or under a court order or parole board supervision, but excluding the detection of nicotine and metabolites in smoking withdrawal programmes—each assay to a maximum of 4 assays within any 28 day period  













Drug assay —quantitative estimation on blood or other body fluid by any method or methods of a drug being used therapeutically for the patient from whom the specimen was taken and not elsewhere specified in the Schedule—1 estimation  











2 estimations specified in item 66235  






3 or more estimations specified in item 66235  






Estimations specified in any of items 66235 to 66239 (inclusive), if the number of estimations relating to the same patient episode does not exceed 3—each estimation to a maximum of 2 estimations   








Amniotic fluid, spectrophotometric examination of, estimation of lecithin/sphingomyelin ratio, palmitic acid, phosphatidylglycerol or lamellar body phospholipid—1 or more examinations or estimations   








Electrophoresis, quantitative or qualitative of serum, urine or other body fluid to demonstrate protein classes or presence and amount of paraprotein, or the isoenzymes of lactate dehydrogenase, alkaline phosphatase and creatine kinase or lipoprotein electrophoresis (only when the cholesterol is >6.5mmol/l and triglyceride >3.0 mmol/l or in the diagnosis of types III and IV hyperlipidaemia), including the preliminary quantitation of total protein, albumin and globulin or of total relevant enzyme activity—1 examination to a maximum of 2 examinations in any 12 month period  














Electrophoresis, quantitative or qualitative of concurrently collected, or collected within a 28 day period, serum, urine or other body fluid to demonstrate protein classes or presence and amount of paraprotein, including the preliminary quantitation of total protein, albumin and globulin, or of total relevant enzyme activity—2 or more examinations  











Alpha-1-acid glycoprotein, alpha-1-antitrypsin, alpha-2-macroglobulin, quantitative estimation in serum, urine or other body fluid—1 or more estimations  








C-1 esterase inhibitor, quantitative estimation  






C-1 esterase inhibitor, functional assay  








Alpha-fetoprotein, beta-2-microglobulin, caeruloplasmin, ferritin (except when part of item 66263), haptoglobulins, microalbumin in proven diabetes mellitus, prealbumin, prostate specific antigen, prostatic acid phosphatase, transferrin (except when part of item 66263) - quantitative estimation in serum, urine or other body fluid—1 estimation  











2 or more estimations as specified in item 66259  






CA-125 antigen, CA-15.3 antigen, CA-19.9 antigen, carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA), mammary serum antigen, mucin-like carcinoma associated antigen (1 or more fractions), neuron-specific enolase, thyroglobulin in serum or other body fluid, in the monitoring or confirmation of malignancy, quantitative estimation—1 estimation  











2 or more estimations specified in item 66261  






Iron studies consisting of quantitative analysis of iron, transferrin or iron binding capacity and ferritin  







Serum B12, serum folate—1 or more estimations within any 28 day period  






Red cell folate and serum B12 and, if required, serum folate, to a maximum of 3 estimations in any 12 month period  







Vitamins, quantitative estimation in blood, urine or other body fluid, by direct or indirect means, of vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, C, and E —1 or more estimations within any 6 month period  








Vitamin D or D fractions - 1 or more estimations  






Acetoacetate, alcohol, amino acids, ammonia, angiotensin converting enzyme, betahydroxybutyrate, cholinesterase, cystine (cysteine), total free fatty acids, histamine, hydroxyindoleacetic acid, hydroxyproline, lactate, neonatal bilirubin (1 or more fractions), oxalate, pyruvate, serotonin, xylose, zinc—1 quantitative estimation  











2 or more estimations specified in item 66273  







Aluminium (except if item 66325 applies), arsenic, beryllium, cadmium, copper, chromium, gold, manganese, mercury, nickel, selenium, strontium, in blood, urine or other body fluid or tissue—1 or more estimations in any 6 month period  









Blood lead estimation, other than for occupational health screening purposes, to a maximum of 3 estimations in any 6 month period—each estimation  








Porphyrins (1 or more fractions), catecholamines (1 or more fractions), hydroxymethoxymandelic acid (HMMA), homovanillic acid (HVA), metanephrines, methoxyhydroxyphenylethylene glycol (MHPG), phenylacetic acid (PAA)—quantitative including any qualitative estimations—1 or more estimations  










Faecal fat, breath hydrogen measurements in response to loading with disaccharides—1 or more quantitative estimations within any 28 day period  








Solid tissue or tissues excluding blood elements—assay of 1 or 2 enzymes  







Assay of 3 to 5 enzymes as specified in item 66285  






Assay of 6 or more enzymes as specified in item 66285  






Thyroid function tests, including thyrotrophin (TSH) and at least 1 or more of the following tests—free thyroxine index, free thyroxine, free T3, total T3, thyroxine binding globulin  








Thyrotrophin releasing hormone (TRH) test, including provision and administration of TRH and all necessary estimations of hormones  







Growth hormone suppression by glucose loading, growth hormone stimulation by exercise, dexamethasone suppression test, L-dopa stimulation of growth hormone, where physically performed by a recognised pathologist—1 or more procedures  











Gonadotrophin releasing hormone stimulation test, synacthen stimulation test, glucagon stimulation test with C-peptide measurement, pentagastrin stimulation of thyrocalcitonin release, secretin stimulation of gastrin release, insulin hypoglycaemia, arginine infusion, where physically performed by a recognised pathologist—1 procedure  











2 or more tests specified in item 66297  






Hormones and hormone binding proteins, quantitative estimation by any method of—ACTH, aldosterone, androstenedione, C-peptide, calcitonin, cortisol, cyclic AMP, DHEAS, 11-deoxycortisol, dihydrotestosterone, FSH, gastrin, glucagon, growth hormone, human placental lactogen, hydroxyprogesterone, insulin, LH, oestradiol, oestriol, oestrone, progesterone, prolactin, PTH, renin, sex hormone binding globulin, somatomedin C(IgF1), free or total testosterone, TSH (where not requested as part of a thyroid function test), urine steroid fraction or fractions, vasoactive intestinal peptide, vasopressin (antidiuretic hormone)—1 estimation  















2 estimations specified in item 66301  






3 estimations specified in item 66301  






4 estimations specified in item 66301  






5 estimations specified in item 66301  






6 or more estimations specified in item 66301  






Estimations specified in any of items 66301 to 66311 (inclusive), if the number of estimations relating to the same patient episode does not exceed 6—each estimation to a maximum of 5 estimations  








Hormone receptor assay on proven primary breast or ovarian carcinoma or a metastasis from a breast or ovarian carcinoma or a subsequent lesion in the breast—1 or more assays  










HDL cholesterol, or apolipoprotein B/A1 ratio, estimation of, in patients with serum cholesterol >5.5mmol/l or those on prescribed lipid lowering drugs or with a fasting serum triglyceride level > 2.0 mmol/1—each estimation to a maximum of 4 estimations in any 12 month period  










Glycosylated haemoglobin only when performed in the management of established diabetes—each estimation to a maximum of 4 estimations in any 12 month period  








Quantitative estimation in the 2nd trimester of pregnancy of alpha-fetoprotein, human chorionic gonadotrophin and oestriol and any other substance to detect foetal abnormality, including any service specified in 1 or more of items 66259, 66301, 73527 or 73529—1 patient episode in that pregnancy  










Estimation of tryptic activity in faeces for the investigation of diarrhoea of greater than 4 weeks duration in children less than 6 years of age  








Estimation of serum aluminium in a patient in a renal dialysis program—each estimation  
















Microscopic examination of material other than blood, from 1 or more sites, obtained directly from a patient and excluding material from cultures—wet film, including differential cell count if performed, examination for dermatophytes or dark ground illumination, or stained preparation or preparations using any relevant stain or stains—1 or more examinations   











Microscopic examination of faeces for parasites using concentration techniques including the use of appropriate stains, to a maximum of 3 estimations taken on separate days including any services specified in item 69201—each estimation  











The cultural examination and microscopical examination when indicated (including the detection of antigens not elsewhere specified in the Schedule) to determine the presence of pathogenic micro-organisms, including fungi but excluding viruses, from nasal swabs, throat swabs, eye swabs and ear swabs, including pathogen identification and antibiotic sensitivity testing, including any services specified in item 69201—1 or more sites  












Microscopical and cultural examination (including the detection of antigens not elsewhere specified in the Schedule) to determine the presence of pathogenic micro-organisms, including fungi but excluding viruses, from the following sites - skin or other superficial sites, urethra, vagina, cervix or rectum (except for faecal pathogens), or specimens of sputum (except when part of item 69213), including pathogenic identification and antibiotic sensitivity testing, including any services specified in items 69201 and 69205—1 or more examinations on 1 or more specimens  














Microscopical and cultural examination (including the detection of antigens not elsewhere specified in the Schedule) of postoperative wounds, aspirations of body cavities, synovial fluid, CSF and operative or biopsy specimens for the presence of pathogenic micro-organisms, including fungi but excluding viruses, involving aerobic and anaerobic culture and the use of different culture media and including pathogen identification and antibiotic sensitivity testing, including any services specified in items 69201, 69205 and 69207—1 or more sites  














Cultural examination (including the detection of clostridial toxins or antigens not elsewhere specified in the Schedule) of faeces to determine the presence or absence of faecal pathogens, involving the use of at least 2 selective or enrichment media as well as culture in at least 2 different atmospheres and includes pathogen identification and antibiotic sensitivity testing, including any services specified in item 69201, to a maximum of 3 specimens in any 7 day period—each examination  















Microscopy with appropriate stains and cultural examinations of 3 specimens of sputum, urine or other bodily fluids for mycobacteria and any other bacterial pathogens, including pathogen identification and antibiotic sensitivity testing and including any services specified in item 69201  










Blood culture to determine the presence or absence of pathogenic micro-organisms excluding viruses, including serial cultures and sub-cultures, any relevant cultural methods and any tests necessary to identify any cultured pathogen and necessary antibiotic sensitivity testing —each set of cultures to a maximum of 3 sets  










Urine examination including serial examination, with cell count, relevant stained preparations, culture, colony count by any method, identification of any cultured pathogens, antibiotic sensitivity testing when necessary, and with any relevant general examination for pH, specific gravity, blood, albumin, urobilinogen, sugar, acetone or bile salts (simple culture by dip slide is excluded from this item)  











Direct detection of the antigens of Haemophilus influenzae, Streptococcus pneumoniae, Neisseria meningitidis, Group B streptococcus (in CSF and urine specimens only), RSV, cryptococcal antigens and Varicella zoster or detection of Clostridium difficile toxin except where item 69211 has been performed—1 or more estimations  











Direct detection of Chlamydia from clinical material, not cultures—1 or more estimations







Direct detection of herpes simplex virus from clinical material, not cultures—1 or more estimations   







Investigation for herpes simplex virus (1 or more types) or Chlamydia trachomatis, in material obtained directly from a patient, by 1 or more cultural methods, including any services specified in items 69221 and 69223  









Antibodies to microbial or exogenous antigens not elsewhere specified in the Schedule—estimation of 1 antibody  







2 estimations specified in item 69229  







3 estimations specified in item 69229  






4 estimations specified in item 69229  






5 estimations specified in item 69229  






6 or more estimations specified in item 69229  






Estimations specified in any of items 69229 to 69239 (inclusive), if the number of estimations relating to the same patient episode does not exceed 6—each estimation to a maximum of 5 estimations   








Hepatitis B surface antigen test  






Hepatitis B serology to define the immune status of an individual, including at least hepatitis B surface antibody or hepatitis B core antibody tests, including services specified in items 69243, 69247 and 69249  









All serological tests performed for the identification of the agent causing acute hepatitis, which must include hepatitis B surface antigen, hepatitis B core antibody and hepatitis A IgM antibody tests and those services specified in items 69243, 69245 and 69249  









All tests performed in the follow up of a patient with proven hepatitis B, including hepatitis B surface antigen and either hepatitis B antigen or hepatitis B surface antibody tests, including services specified in items 69243 and 69245  









Antibiotics or antimicrobial chemotherapeutic agents, concentration in serum, urine or other body fluid, by direct quantitative measurement of the agent—1 or more estimations  








All microbiological serology during a pregnancy, which must include the determination of 1 of the following—rubella immune status, specific syphilis serology or hepatitis B surface antigen—including any service specified in 1 or more of items 69229, 69243 or 69245, except in the investigation of a clinically apparent intercurrent microbial illness during that pregnancy  














All microbiological serology during a pregnancy, which must include the determination of 2 of the following—rubella immune status, specific syphilis serology or hepatitis B surface antigen and including any service specified in 1 or more of items 69229, 69243 or 69245, except in the investigation of a clinically apparent intercurrent microbial illness during that pregnancy  











All microbiological serology during a pregnancy, which must include the determination of all 3 of the following - rubella immune status, specific syphilis serology and hepatitis B surface antigen—including any service specified in 1 or more of items 69229, 69243 or 69245, except in the investigation of a clinically apparent intercurrent microbial illness during that pregnancy  




















Examination for, and characterisation of, a paraprotein or cryoglobulin not previously characterised on serum, urine or other body fluid by immunoelectrophoresis or immunofixation - 1 or more procedures  









Examination for, and characterisation of, a paraprotein not previously characterised, by immunoelectrophoresis or immunofixation on serum and urine collected concurrently—2 or more procedures  









Examination of CSF and serum concurrently for the presence of oligoclonal proteins—2 or more procedures  







Immunoglobulins A, G, M or D, quantitative estimation by any method in serum, urine or other body fluid—1 estimation  







2 estimations as specified in item 71067  






3 or more estimations as specified in item 71067  






Immunoglobulin G subclasses, quantitative estimation of all 4 subclasses with a maximum of 2 patient episodes in any 12 month period - each patient episode 










Immunoglobulin E (total), quantitative estimation with a maximum of 2 patient episodes in any 12 month period—each patient episode







Immunoglobulin E (total), quantitative estimation in the follow up of a patient with proven immunoglobulin E secreting myeloma, proven congenital immunodeficiency or proven allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis, with a maximum of 6 patient episodes in any 12 month period—each patient episode  










Estimation of specific immunoglobulin G or E antibodies to single or multiple potential allergens, with a maximum of 4 patient episodes in any 12 month period—each patient episode








Total haemolytic complement, quantitative estimation






Complement components C3, C4 or properdin factor B, quantitative estimation —1 estimation







2 estimations as specified in item 71083






3 or more estimations as specified in item 71083






Complement components or breakdown products of complement proteins not elsewhere specified in an item in this Schedule, quantitative estimation—1 estimation








2 estimations as specified in item 71089  






3 or more estimations as specified in item 71089  






Antinuclear antibodies, detection in serum or other body fluids, including quantitation if required  







Double-stranded DNA antibodies, quantitative estimation by 1 or more methods other than the Crithidia method  







Antibodies to 1 or more extractable nuclear antigens, detection in serum or other body fluids  









Antibodies to 1 or more extractable nuclear antigens, characterisation after a positive result is obtained by a service specified in item 71101, including that service  








Rheumatoid factor, detection by any technique   






Quantitation of rheumatoid factor if detected, during a service specified in item 71105, including that service  







Antibodies to tissue antigens (acetylcholine receptor, adrenal cortex, cardiolipin, glomerular basement membrane, heart, histone, insulin, insulin receptor, intrinsic factor, islet cell, lymphocyte, neuron, neutrophil cytoplasm, ovary, parathyroid, platelet, salivary gland, skeletal muscle, skin basement membrane and intercellular substance, thyroglobulin, thyroid microsome, thyroid stimulating hormone receptor), qualitative or quantitative—estimation of 1 antibody  













Estimation of 2 antibodies specified in item 71109  






Estimation of 3 antibodies specified in item 71109  






Estimation of 4 antibodies specified in item 71109  






Antibodies to tissue antigens not elsewhere specified in an item in this Schedule, qualitative or quantitative—estimation of 1 antibody  







Estimation of 2 antibodies specified in item 71119  






Estimation of 3 antibodies specified in item 71119  






Estimation of 4 or more antibodies specified in item 71119  






Functional tests for lymphocytes—estimation of proliferation induced by 1 or more mitogens, estimation of proliferation induced by 1 or more antigens or estimation of 1 or more mixed lymphocyte reactions, other than quantitation by microscopy—including a test specified in item 65005, with a maximum of 2 patient episodes in any 12 month period—each patient episode 











2 estimations specified in item 71127 







3 or more estimations specified in item 71127 






Determination of neutrophil function - comprising at least 2 of neutrophil chemotaxis, neutrophil phagocytosis, neutrophil oxidative metabolism, neutrophil bactericidal activity—including any test specified in item 65005 (other than nitroblue tetrazolium reduction slide test), with a maximum of 2 patient episodes in any 12 month period—each patient episode 










Determination of cell mediated immunity by multiple antigen delayed type hypersensitivity intradermal skin testing using a minimum of 7 antigens, with a maximum of 2 patient episodes in any 12 month period—each patient episode  









Characterisation of 3 or more leucocyte surface antigens by immunofluorescence or immunoenzyme techniques to assess lymphoid or myeloid cell populations on 1 or more specimens of blood, CSF or serous fluid 









Characterisation of 3 or more leucocyte surface antigens by immunofluorescence or immunoenzyme techniques to assess lymphoid or myeloid cell populations on 1 or more disaggregated tissue specimens 









Characterisation (not monitoring) of 6 or more leucocyte surface antigens by immunofluorescence or immunoenzyme techniques to assess lymphoid or myeloid cell populations in an immunological or haematological malignancy, including any service specified in 1 or more of items 71139 or 71141, on a specimen of blood, CSF, serous fluid or disaggregated tissue 











Characterisation (not monitoring) of 6 or more leucocyte surface antigens by immunofluorescence or immunoenzyme techniques to assess lymphoid or myeloid cell populations in an immunological or haematological malignancy, including any service specified in 1 or more of items 71139, 71141 or 71143, on 2 or more specimens of disaggregated tissues or 1 specimen of disaggregated tissue and 1 or more specimens of blood, CSF or serous fluid 












HLA-B27 typing  








Complete tissue typing for 4 HLA-A and HLA-B Class I antigens (including any separation of leucocytes), including any service specified in item 71147 








Tissue typing for HLA-DR, HLA-DP and HLA-DQ Class II antigens (including any separation of leucocytes)—phenotyping or genotyping of 2 or more antigens  

















Histopathology examination of biopsy material including all tissue processing, staining and professional opinion or opinions  







Immediate frozen section diagnosis of biopsy material, including any other histopathology examination  







Immunohistochemical investigation of biopsy material by 1 or more of immunofluorescent, immunoperoxidase or other labelled antibody techniques including any other histopathology examination   








Electron microscopy of biopsy material including any other histopathology examination 
















Cytological examination including serial examinations of smears from skin, nipple discharge, lip, mouth, nose or anus for detection of precancerous or cancerous changes—1 or more examinations   








Cytological examination, other than an examination mentioned in item 73053, for malignancy, including serial examinations and histological services performed on the resulting specimens from washings or brushings from sites not specified in item 73043, or performed on a single specimen of sputum or urine or on 1 or more specimens of other body fluids—1 or more examinations  











Cytological examination including examination of a series of 3 sputum or urine specimens for malignant cells   









Cytological examination of material obtained from a patient by fine needle aspiration of solid tissue or tissues   







Cytological examination of material obtained from a patient by fine needle aspiration of solid tissue or tissues where the aspiration is performed by a recognised pathologist; or where  a recognised pathologist attends the aspiration and performs cytological examination during the attendance   









Routine cytological examination of smears from cervix for detection of precancerous or cancerous changes in women with no symptoms, signs or recent history suggestive of cervical neoplasia and smears repeated due to an unsatisfactory routine smear—each examination  









Cytological examination of smears from cervix in association with the management of previously detected abnormalities including precancerous or cancerous conditions, or the investigation of women with symptoms, signs or recent history suggestive of cervical neoplasia, not associated with item 73053—each examination  










Cytological examination of smears from vagina, not associated with items 73053 or 73055—each examination  














Chromosome studies, including preparation, count and karyotyping of 1 or more of amniotic fluid, bone marrow, skin and any other tissue or fluid excluding blood—1 or more estimations  








Chromosome studies, including preparation, count and karyotyping of blood 







Chromosome identification by banding techniques (using fluorescein, Giemsa, or centromere staining or high resolution analysis); or by fragile X-site determination—1 or more identifications 



















Semen examination for presence of spermatozoa or examination of cervical mucus for spermatozoa (Huhner's test)    







Semen examination (excluding post vasectomy semen examination), involving measurement of volume, sperm count, motility, examination of stained preparations, morphology, and, if performed, differential count and 1 or more chemical tests, with a maximum of 4 examinations in any 12 month period   










Sperm antibodies, sperm penetrating ability—1 or more tests    






Chorionic gonadotrophin (beta-HCG), qualitative estimation in serum or urine by 1 or more methods, including serial dilution if performed, for diagnosis of pregnancy —1 or more estimations    








Chorionic gonadotrophin (beta-HCG), qualitative (if performed) and quantitative estimation in serum by 1 or more methods for diagnosis of hydatidiform mole, HCG—secreting neoplasm, threatened abortion or follow up of abortion  


















Seminal examination for presence of spermatozoa   






Blood count consisting of leucocyte count, erythrocyte sedimentation rate, examination of blood film (including differential leucocyte count) or any or all of haemoglobin estimation, haematocrit estimation or erythrocyte count—1 procedure   









2 procedures specified in item 73802   






3 or more procedures specified in item 73802   






Microscopical examination of urine    






Pregnancy test by 1 or more immunochemical methods  






Microscopical examination of wet film other than urine   







Microscopical examination of gram stained film   






Chemical tests for occult blood in faeces by reagent stick, strip, tablet or similar method    







Microscopical examination screening for fungi in skin, hair or nails —1 or more sites    







Mantoux test















Initiation of a patient episode which consists only of a service specified in item 73053, 73055 or 73057  from a person who is not in a recognised hospital or a prescribed laboratory   








Initiation of a patient episode which consists only of a service specified in item 72801 from a person who is an in-patient of a hospital other than a recognised hospital  








Initiation of a patient episode which consists only of a service specified in item 72801 from a person who is not an in-patient of a private hospital and not a patient of a recognised hospital   








Initiation of a patient episode by collection of specimen for a service other than a service specified in items 73901, 73903, 73905 and 73801 to 73811 (inclusive) where the specimen is collected in a licensed collection centre other than a temporary licensed collection centre  










Initiation of a patient episode by collection of specimen for a service other than a service specified in items 73901, 73903, 73905 and 73801 to 73811 (inclusive) where the specimen is collected by an approved pathology practitioner or an employee of an approved pathology authority from a person who is an in-patient of a hospital other than a recognised hospital  













Initiation of a patient episode by collection of specimen for a service other than a service specified in items 73901, 73903, 73905 and 73801 to 73811 (inclusive) where the specimen is collected by an approved pathology practitioner or an employee of an approved pathology authority, from a person in the place where the person was residing or in a nursing home or institution  











Initiation of a patient episode by collection of specimen for a service other than a service specified in items 73901, 73903, 73905, 73907, 73917 and 73801 to 73811 (inclusive) where the specimen is collected from the person by the person   









Initiation of a patient episode by collection of specimen for a service other than a service specified in items 73901, 73903, 73905 and 73801 to 73811 (inclusive) where the specimen is collected by or on behalf of the treating practitioner   









Initiation of a patient episode by collection of specimen for a service other than a service specified in items 73901, 73903, 73905 and 73801 to 73811 (inclusive) where the specimen is collected in a temporary licensed collection centre   


















Referral of specimen by an approved pathology practitioner of an approved pathology authority to another approved pathology practitioner of another approved pathology authority or to another approved pathology authority   




















Group                           Included in Group                                  Abbreviation      Item Numbers



Cardiac                         Lactate dehydrogenase (LDH)               CE                                    66205

Enzymes                      aspartate aminotransferase

                                      (AST) and

                                      creatine kinase (CK)


Coagulation                Prothrombin time,                                     COAG                              65035

Studies                         activated partial thrombo-

                                      plastin time and two or

                                      more of the following tests-

                                      bleeding time, thrombin

                                      clotting time, fibrinogen

                                      degradation products,

                                      fibrin monomer, D-dimer,

                                      factor XIII screening tests


Electrolytes                 Sodium (NA)                                             E                                       66207

                                      potassium (K)

                                      chloride (CL) and

                                      bicarbonate (HCO3)


Lipid Studies               Cholesterol (CHOL) and                          FATS                               66203

                                      triglycerides (TRIG)


Liver Function            Alkaline phosphatase (ALP),                 LFT                                  66211

Tests                            alanine aminotransferase


                                      aspartate aminotransferase


                                      albumin (ALB),

                                      bilirubin (BIL),

                                      gamma glutamyl

                                      transpeptidase (GGT),

                                      lactate dehydrogenase (LDH),

                                      and protein (PROT)




Syphilis                        Rapid plasma reagin test                         STS                                  69231

Serology                      (RPR) or venereal disease

                                      research laboratory

                                      test (VDRL) and

                                      treponema pallidum

                                      haemagglutination test (TPHA)

                                      or fluorescent treponemal

                                      antibody-absorption test



Urea,                             Urea,                                                           U&E                                 66211

Electrolytes,                electrolytes,                                                                                                            

Creatine                       creatinine




Abnormal haemoglobins                                                                      AH                               65027

Acetoacetate                                                                                          ACAT                         66273

Adrenocorticotrophic hormone (ACTH)                                           ACTH                         66301

AFB microscopy & culture of sputum                                               AFB                             69213

Alanine aminotransferase                                                                    ALT                             66201

Albumin                                                                                                  ALB                             66201

Alcohol (ethanol)                                                                                  ETOH                          66273

Aldosterone                                                                                           ALDS                          66301

Alkaline phosphatase                                                                           ALP                             66201

       - isoenzymes                                                                                    ALPI                            66245

Alpha fetoprotein                                                                                  AFP                             66259

       - for Down syndrome testing                                                        NTDD                         66321

Alpha-1-antitrypsin                                                                              AAT                            66255

Alpha-1-acid glycoprotein                                                                   AAG                            66255

Alpha-2-macroglobulin                                                                        AMG                           66255

Aluminium                                                                                              AL                               66277

       - renal dialysis                                                                                 ALR                             66325

Amino acids                                                                                           AA                              66273

Amiodarone                                                                                           AMIO                         66235

Amitriptyline                                                                                          AMIT                          66235

Ammonia                                                                                                NH3                             66273

Amniotic fluid examination                                                                  AFE                             66243

Amylase                                                                                                  AMS                           66201

Amylobarb                                                                                             AMYL                         66235

Androstenedione                                                                                  ANDR                         66301

Angiotensin converting enzyme                                                        ACE                             66273

Antibiotic & antimicrobial chemotherapeutic agents,

quantitative assay                                                                                 QAA                           69251



Antibodies to

       - extractable nuclear antigens

            - detection                                                                                  ENA                            71101

            - characterisation of antibodies if positive ENA                  ENAP                          71103

       - nuclear antigens

            - detection                                                                                  ANA                           71097

            - quantitation & measurement of DNA

              binding if positive ANA                                                        ANAP                         71099

       - tissue antigens

            - acetylcholine receptor                                                           ARA                           71109

            - adrenal cortex                                                                          ADR                            71109

            - cardiolipin                                                                                ACL                            71109

             - centromere                                                                               ACA                           71119

            - gastric parietal cell                                                                  PCA                            71119

            - gliadin IgA                                                                               GLIA                           71119

            - glomerular basement membrane                                           GBA                            71109

            - heart                                                                                          AHE                            71109

            - histone                                                                                     AHI                             71109

            - insulin                                                                                       AINS                           71109

            - insulin receptor antibodies                                                   INSA                           71109

            - intercellular cement substance of skin                                ICCS                            71109

            - intrinsic factor                                                                         AIF                              71109

            - islet cell                                                                                    AIC                             71109

            - Jo-1                                                                                           JO1                              71119

            - keratin                                                                                       KERA                         71119

            - liver/kidney microsomes                                                        LKA                            71119

            - lymphocyte                                                                              ALY                            71109

            - mitochondria                                                                           MA                             71119

            - neuron                                                                                      ANE                            71109

            - neutrophil cytoplasm                                                             ANCA                        71109

            - ovary                                                                                        AOV                            71109

            - parathyroid                                                                              PTHA                         71109

            - platelet                                                                                      APA                            71109

            - PM-Sc1                                                                                     PM1                            71119

            - reticulin                                                                                    RCA                            71119

            - salivary gland                                                                          ASG                            71109

            - Scl-70                                                                                        SCL                             71119

            - skeletal muscle                                                                        SLA                             71109

            - skin basement membrane                                                      SKA                            71109

            - smooth muscle                                                                        SMA                           71119

            - thyroglobulin                                                                          ATG                            71109

            - thyroid microsome                                                                  TMA                           71109

            - TSH receptor antibody test                                                  TSHA                         71109

Antibody testing, microbial (see Microbial)



Antigen testing, microbial  (see Microbial)

Antithrombin III                                                                                    ATH                           65037

Apolipoprotein B/A1 ratio                                                                   APO                           66317

Arginine infusion                                                                                  ARIN                         66297

Arsenic                                                                                                   AS                              66277

Aspartate aminotransferase                                                                AST                           66201

Barbiturate                                                                                              BARB                        66235

Beryllium                                                                                                 BE                               66277

Beta-hydroxybutyrate                                                                          BHYB                         66273

Beta-2-microglobulin                                                                            BMIC                         66259

Bicarbonate                                                                                            HCO3                         66201

Bilirubin (all fractions)                                                                          BILI                            66201

       - neonatal                                                                                         BILN                          66273

Bleeding time                                                                                         BT                              65029


       - compatability testing                                                                   XMAT                       65023

       - culture                                                                                            BC                              69215

       - film                                                                                                  BF                               65005

       - full examination                                                                             FBE                            65001

       - gases                                                                                              GAS                           66225

       - group & blood group antibodies                                               BGAB                        65021

       - group antibodies                                                                          BGA                           65025

       - group systems                                                                              BGS                            65019

       - grouping-ABO & RH (D antigen)                                              BG                              65017

       - viscosity                                                                                        VISC                           65001

Bone marrow examination                                                                   

       - aspirate                                                                                          BMEA                       65015

       - trephine                                                                                          BMET                        65013

Breath hydrogen test                                                                            BHT                           66283

Bromide                                                                                                   BRMD                       66235

C-l esterase inhibitor

       - quantitative                                                                                   CEIQ                          66257

       - functional                                                                                      CEIF                           66258

C-Peptide                                                                                                CPEP                          66301

C-reactive protein                                                                                  CRP                            65001

CA-15.3 antigen                                                                                     CA15                          66261

CA-l9.9 antigen                                                                                      CA19                          66261

CA-125 antigen                                                                                      C125                           66261

Cadmium                                                                                                 CD                              66277

Caeruloplasmin                                                                                      CPLS                          66259

Calcitonin                                                                                               CALT                         66301

Calcium (total, dialysed or ionized)                                                    CA                              66201

Calculus analysis                                                                                  CALC                         66229

Carbamazepine (Tegretol)                                                                    CARB                        66235



Carboxyhaemaglobin                                                                            COHB                        65027

Carcinoembryonic antigen                                                                   CEA                           66261

Catecholamines                                                                                     CAT                           66281


       - direct detection from clinical material                                        CHLY                         69221

       - investigation by cultural methods                                             CHLC                         69225

Chloral hydrate                                                                                      CHHY                        66235

Chlorazepate                                                                                          CHZP                         66235

Chloride                                                                                                  CL                               66201

Chloroquine                                                                                           CLOQ                         66235

Chlorpromazine                                                                                      CHLO                         66235

Cholesterol                                                                                             CHOL                         66201

       - HDL                                                                                                HDLC                         66317

Cholinesterase                                                                                       CHSE                         66273

Chorionic gonadotrophin

       - for pregnancy diagnosis                                                             HCG                           73527

       - for diagnosis of specified conditions                                       HCGD                        73529

       - for Down syndrome testing                                                        NTDD                        66321

Chromium                                                                                               CR                              66277

Chromosome identification

       - by banding technique                                                                 CSI                             73285

       - studies                                                                                           CS                               73281

       - studies of blood                                                                           CSB                            73283

Cimetidine                                                                                               CMTD                       66235

Clobazam                                                                                                CLOB                         66235

Clomipramine                                                                                         CLOM                        66235

Clonazepam (Rivotril)                                                                           CLON                         66235

Clostridium difficile                                                                               CLDT                         69219


       - factors (see individual factors)

       - time                                                                                                 CT                              65029

Cold agglutinins                                                                                    CAG               65005, 65027

Compatability testing                                                                           XMAT                       65023

Complement, total haemolytic                                                             COM                          71081

       - components C3                                                                             C3                               71083

       - components C4                                                                             C4                               71083

       - properdin factor B                                                                        PFB                            71083

       - other components                                                                        COMP                        71089

Copper                                                                                                    CU                              66277

Cortisol                                                                                                   CORT                         66301

Creatine kinase                                                                                      CK                              66201

       - isoenzymes                                                                                    CKI                             66201

       - isoenzymes (electrophoresis)                                                     CKIE                          66245

Creatinine                                                                                               C                                 66201




       - qualitative                                                                                      CFID                            66213

       - quantitative                                                                                   CFIE                            66215


       - qualitative                                                                                      CGLD                          66213

       - quantitative                                                                                   CGLE                           66215

       - investigation by immunoelectrophoresis                                

         or immunofixation                                                                         CRYO                          71061

Cryptococcal antigen                                                                           CRYN                          69219

CSF antigens

       - Haemophilus influenzae                                                              HI                                 69219

       - Streptoccus pneumoniae                                                            SPN                             69219

       - Neisseria meningitidis                                                                 NMG                           69219

       - group B streptococcus                                                                STB                             69219

Cultural examination of faeces                                                            FCS                              69211

Cylic AMP                                                                                              CAMP                         66301

Cyclosporin A                                                                                       CLSA                          66235

Cystine (cysteine)

       - qualitative                                                                                      UCYS                          66213

       - quantitative                                                                                   CYST                           66273


       - from body fluids, sputum (1 specimen),

          urine, washings or brushings                                                    BFCY                           73045

       - from cervix

            - routine                                                                                      CCR                             73053

            - abnormalities                                                                           CCRA                          73055

       - from fine needle aspiration of solid tissues                             FNCY                          73049

            - aspiration or attendance by a pathologist                          FNCP                           73051

       - from skin, nipple discharge, lip, mouth, nose or anus            SMCY                         73043

       - from vagina                                                                                   CVO                             73057

       - from 3 sputum or urine specimens                                             SPCY                           73047

D-dimer test                                                                                            DD                               65029

Dehydroepiandrosterone sulphate                                                    DHEA                         66301

Deoxycortisol                                                                                         DCOR                          66301

Desipramine                                                                                           DESI                            66235

Dexamethasone                                                                                     DXST                          66295

       - suppression test                                                                           DEXA                         66301

Diazepam                                                                                                DIAZ                           66235

Differential cell count                                                                           DIFF                            65005

Digoxin                                                                                                    DIG                              66235

Dihydrotesterone                                                                                  DHTS                          66301

Diphenylhydantoin (Dilantin)                                                             DIL                              66235

Direct Coombs test                                                                               CMBS             65005, 65027

Disopyramide (Rythmodan)                                                                DISO                           66235



DNA, double-stranded antibodies                                                     DNAD                         71099

Down syndrome/neural tube defects                                                 NTDD                         66321

Doxepin hydrochloride                                                                         DOXE                          66235


       - inappropriate dosage - assay                                                     DRGO                          66231

Electron microscopy of biopsy material                                            EM                               72087

Electrophoresis, to demonstrate

       - creatine kinase isoenzymes                                                        CKIE                            66245

       - lactate dehydrogenase isoenzymes                                          LDI                              66245

       - protein classes, or paraprotein                                                   EPP1                            66245

       - protein classes or presence & amount of                                

         paraprotein classes, concurrent collection                               EPP2                            66247

Elements (see individual elements)

Enzyme assays of solid tissue or tissues                                          ENZS                           66285


       - assessment of haemolysis                                                          ERYH                          65009

       - assessment of metabolic enzymes                                             ERYM                         65009

       - count                                                                                              RCC                             65001

       - sedimentation rate                                                                        ESR                              65001

Ethosuximide (Zarontin)                                                                       ETHO                          66235

Euglobulin clot lysis time                                                                     ECLT                           65037


       - II FII                                                                                                65045

       - V FV                                                                                                65045

       - VII                                                                                                   FVII                             65045

       - VIII                                                                                                  VIII                              65045

       - IX                                                                                                    FIX                              65045

       - X                                                                                                     FX                                65045

       - XI                                                                                                    FXI                              65045

       - XII                                                                                                   FXII                             65045

       - XIII                                                                                                 XIII                              65045

       - XIII deficiency test                                                                      F13D                            65029

Faecal fat                                                                                                FFAT                          66283

       - haemoglobin (chemical test)                                                       FHC                             66217

       - haemoglobin (immunological test)                                            FHI                              66219

       - porphyrins (qualitative test)                                                       FPR                              66217

       - reducing substances                                                                   FRS                              66217


       - cultural examination                                                                     FCS                              69211

       - microscopic examination for parasites                                      OCP                             69203

Ferritin (see also Iron studies)                                                            FERR                           66259

Fibrin monomer                                                                                      FM                               65029

Fibrinogen                                                                                              FIB                               65029

       - degradation products                                                                  FDP                             65029



Fitzgerald factor                                                                                     FGF                             65045

Flecainide                                                                                               FLEC                           66235

Fletcher factor                                                                                        FF                                65045

Fluoxetine                                                                                               FLUX                          66235

Follicle stimulating hormone                                                               FSH                             66301

Frozen section diagnosis of biopsy material                                    FS                                72803

Fructosamine                                                                                         FRUC                          66201

Full blood examination                                                                         FBE                             65007

Gamma glutamyl transpeptidase                                                         GGT                             66201

Gastrin                                                                                                     GAST                          66301

Globulin                                                                                                  GLOB                          66201

Glucagon                                                                                                GLGO                          66301

Glucagon stimulation test                                                                    GSTC                          66297

Glucose                                                                                                   GLUC                          66201

       - tolerance test                                                                                GTT                             66201

Glycated haemoglobin (Hb Alc)                                                         GHB                            66319

Gold                                                                                                         AU                              66277

Gonadotrophin                                                                                      GRHS                          66297

Group B streptococcus antigens                                                        STB                             69219

Growth hormone                                                                                    GH                               66301

       - stimulation by exercise or L-dopa                                              GHSE                          66295

       - suppression by dexamethasone or glucose                             GHSG                          66295

Haematocrit                                                                                            HCT                            65001

Haemoglobin estimation                                                                      HB                               65001

Haemoglobinopathy tests                                                                   HMGP                         65011

Haemophilus influenzae antigens                                                       HI                                69219

Haloperidol                                                                                             HALO                         66235

Haptoglobins                                                                                         HGLB                          66259

HDL cholesterol                                                                                    HDLC                          66317


       - cofactor II                                                                                      HRNC                         65037

       - estimation                                                                                      HEPR                          65043

Hepatitis serology

       - acute hepatitis                                                                              HEP                             69247

       - follow-up of proven hepatitis B                                                 HEPB                          69249

       - hepatitis B serology to define immune status                         HEP1                           69245

       - hepatitis B surface antigen HBsAg                                           HBSA                         69243

       - in pregnancy                                                                                 HEPP                     69253-57

       - hepatitis C                                                                                     HEPC                          69229

       - hepatitis delta antibody                                                              HDA                           69229

Herpes simplex virus

       - direct detection from clinical material                                        HSV                             69223

       - investigation by cultural methods                                             HSVC                          69225

Heterophile antibodies                                                                         IM                   65005, 65027



HIAA (hydroxyindoleacetic acid)                                                      HIAA                          66273

Histamine                                                                                                HIAM                         66273

Histopathology of biopsy material                                                     HIST                           72801

HLA typing

       - HLA-B27                                                                                        HLAB                         71147

       - HLA class 1                                                                                   HLA1                          71149

       - HLA class 2                                                                                   HLA2                          71151

HMMA (hydroxy-3-methoxymandelic acid                                      HMMA                      66281

         previously known as VMA)

HMPG (hydroxy methoxy phenylethylene glycol)                          HMPG                         66281

Homovanillic acid                                                                                  HVA                            66281

Hormone receptor assay

       - breast                                                                                             HRA                            66315

       - ovary                                                                                              HRO                            66315


       - adrenocorticotrophic hormone                                                  ACTH                         66301

       - aldosterone                                                                                   ALDS                          66301

       - androstanedione                                                                          ANDR                         66301

       - C-Peptide                                                                                       CPEP                           66301

       - calcitonin                                                                                       CALT                          66301

       - cortisol                                                                                           CORT                          66301

       - cyclic AMP                                                                                   CAMP                        66301

       - dehydroepiandrosterone sulphate                                            DHEA                         66301

       - dihydrotestosterone                                                                    DHTS                          66301

       - follicle stimulating hormone                                                       FSH                             66301

       - gastrin                                                                                            GAST                          66301

       - glucagon                                                                                        GLGO                          66301

       - gonadotrophin                                                                              GRHS                          66297

       - growth hormone                                                                           GH                               66301

            - stimulation by exercise or L-dopa                                        GHSE                          66295

            - suppression by dexamethasone or glucose                       GHSG                          66295

       - hormone receptor assay

            - breast                                                                                        HRA                            66315

            - ovary                                                                                        HRO                            66315

       - human placental lactogen                                                           HPL                             66301

       - hydroxyprogesterone                                                                  OHP                            66301

       - insulin                                                                                            INS                              66301

       - insulin, hypoglycaemia test                                                        INHY                           66297

       - luteinizing hormone                                                                     LH                               66301

       - oestradiol                                                                                       E2                                66301

       - oestriol                                                                                           E3                                66301

       - oestrone                                                                                         E1                                66301

       - parathyroid hormone                                                                   PTH                             66301

       - pentagastrin                                                                                  PSTR                           66297



       - progesterone                                                                                 PROG                          66301

       - prolactin                                                                                         PROL                           66301

       - renin                                                                                               REN                             66301

       - sex hormone binding globulin                                                    SHBG                          66301

       - somatomedin                                                                                 SOMA                        66301

       - testosterone                                                                                  TES                              66301

       - thyroid stimulating hormone

       (where not  requested as part of TFTs)                                      TSH                             66301

       - urine steroid fraction or fractions                                              USF                             66301

       - vasoactive intestinal peptide                                                     VIP                               66301

       - vasopressin                                                                                   ADH                            66301

       - 11 deoxycortisol                                                                           DCOR                          66301

Huhner's test                                                                                          HT                               73521

Human placental lactogen                                                                   HPL                             66301

HVA (homovanillic acid)                                                                      HVA                            66281

Hydroxy methoxy phenylethylene glycol                                         HMPG                         66281

Hydroxy-3-methoxymandelic acid (previously                                

       known as VMA)                                                                             HMMA                       66281

Hydroxychloroquine                                                                             HOCQ                         66235

Hydroxyindoleacetic acid                                                                    HIAA                          66273

Hydroxyprogesterone                                                                          OHP                             66301

Hydroxyproline                                                                                      HYDP                          66273

Imipramine                                                                                              IMIP                            66235

       - imediate frozen section diagnosis of biopsy material             FS                                72803


       - A                                                                                                     IGA                              71067

       - D                                                                                                     IGD                              71067

       - E (total)                                                                                          IGE                         71075-77

       - G IGG                                                                                              71067

       - G, 4 subclasses                                                                             SIGG                            71073

       - M                                                                                                    IGM                             71067

Immunohistochemical investigation of biopsy material                  IHIS                             72805

Insulin                                                                                                     INS                              66301

Insulin, hypoglycaemia test                                                                INHY                           66297

Intestinal disaccharidases                                                                   INTD                           66285

Iron (see Iron studies)

Iron studies (iron, transferrin & ferritin)                                            IS                                 66263

L-dopa                                                                                                     GHLD                          66295

Lactate                                                                                                    LACT                          66273

       - dehydrogenase                                                                             LDH                             66201

       - dehydrogenase isoenzymes                                                       LDI                              66245

Lamellar body phospholipid                                                                LBPH                           66243

Lead                                                                                                         PB                                66279

Lecithin/sphingomyelin ratio (amniotic fluid)                                   LS                                66243




       - count                                                                                              WCC                           65001

       - 3 surface markers

            - blood, CSF, serous fluid                                                        LMH3                          71139

            - tissue                                                                                        LMT3                          71141

       - 6 surface markers

            - blood, CSF, serous fluid or tissue                                        LM6                             71143

            - blood, CSF, serous fluid & tissue (s)                                  LMHT                         71145

Lignocaine                                                                                              LIGN                            66235

Lipoprotein electrophoresis                                                                LEPG                           66245

Lipase LIP                                                                                               66201

Lithium                                                                                                    LI                                 66201

Lupus anticoagulant                                                                             LUPA                          65037

Luteinizing hormone                                                                             LH                                66301


       - functional tests

            - 1 estimation                                                                             LF1                              71127

            - 2 estimations                                                                           LF2                              71129

            - 3 estimations                                                                           LF3                              71131

Magnesium                                                                                            MG                              66201

Mammary serum antigen                                                                      MSA                           66261

Manganese                                                                                            MN                              66277

Mantoux test                                                                                          MANT                        73811

Melanogen (see Urine melanin)                                                          UML                            66213

Mercury                                                                                                  HG                               66277

Metalbumin detection (Schumm's test)                                             SCHM                         65027

Metadrenalines                                                                                      MNEP                         66281

Methadone                                                                                             MTDN                        66235

Methotrexate                                                                                          MTTA                        66235

Methsuximide                                                                                        MSUX                         66235

Metronidazole                                                                                        MRDZ                         66235

Mexiletine (Mexitil)                                                                               MEX                            66235

Mianserin                                                                                               MIAS                          66235

Microalbumin                                                                                         MALB                         66259

Microbial antibody testing                                                                 

       - actinomycetes                                                                               ACT                            69229

       - adenovirus                                                                                    ADE                            69229

       - aspergillus                                                                                     ASP                             69229

       - avian precipitins (bird fancier's disease)                                  APP                             69229

       - Blastomyces                                                                                  BLM                            69229

       - Bordetella pertussis                                                                     BOR                             69229

       - Borrelia burgdorferi                                                                      BOB                             69229

       - Brucella                                                                                          BRU                             69229

       - Campylobacter jejuni                                                                   CAM                           69229



       - Candida                                                                                          CAN                            69229

       - Chlamydia                                                                                      CHL                             69229

       - Coccidioides                                                                                 CCC                             69229

       - Coxsackie B1-6                                                                              COX                            69229

       - cryptococus                                                                                  CRY                             69229

       - cytomegalovirus                                                                           CMV                           69229

       - cytomegalovirus serology in pregnancy                                  CMVP                    69253-57

       - dengue                                                                                           DEN                            69229

       - diphtheria                                                                                      DIP                              69229

       - echinococcus                                                                                ECC                             69299

       - echo-coxsackie group                                                                  ECH                             69229

       - Entamoeba histolytica                                                                 AMO                          69229

       - Epstein Barr virus                                                                         EBV                             69229

       - fluorescent treponemal antibody

          absorption test (FTA-ABS)                                                       FTA                            69229

       - Haemophilus influenzae                                                              HUS                            69229

       - hepatitis delta antibody - anti-delta                                          HDA                           69229

       - herpes                                                                                            HPA                            69229

       - Histoplasma                                                                                  HIP                              69229

       - hydatid                                                                                           HYD                            69229

       - influenza A                                                                                    FLA                             69229

       - influenza B                                                                                     FLB                             69229

       - Legionella pneumophila - serogroup 1                                     LP1                              69229

       - Legionella pneumophila - serogroup 2                                     LP2                              69229

       - leishmaniasis                                                                                 LEI                               69229

       - Leptospira                                                                                     LEP                              69229

       - Listeria                                                                                           LIS                               69229

       - measles                                                                                          MEA                           69229

       - Micropolyspora faeni                                                                  MIC                             69229

       - mumps                                                                                            MUM                          69229

       - Murray Valley encephalitis                                                         MVE                            69229

       - Mycoplasma pneumoniae                                                           MYC                           69229

       - Neisseria menigitidis                                                                    MEN                           69229

       - Newcastle disease                                                                        NCD                            69229

       - parainfluenza 1                                                                              PF1                              69229

       - parainfluenza 2                                                                              PF2                              69229

       - parainfluenza 3                                                                              PF3                              69229

       - paratyphi                                                                                       PTY                             69229

       - pertussis                                                                                        PER                             69229

       - poliomyelitis                                                                                  PLO                             69229

       - Proteus OX 19                                                                               POX                            69229

       - Proteus OXK                                                                                 POK                            69229

       - Q fever                                                                                           QFF                             69229

       - rapid plasma reagin test                                                              RPR                             69229



       - respiratory syncytial virus                                                          RSV                             69229

       - Ross River virus                                                                           RRV                             69229

       - rubella                                                                                            RUB                            69229

       - Salmonella typhi (H)                                                                    SAH                            69229

       - Salmonella typhi (O)                                                                    SAO                            69229

       - Schistosoma                                                                                  STO                             69229

       - streptococcal serology - anti-                                                   

         DNASE B titre                                                                               ADNB                         69229

       - streptococcal serology-anti-streptolysin O titre                     ASOT                         69229

       - Streptococcus pneumoniae                                                        PCC                             69229

       - tetanus                                                                                           TET                             69229

       - Thermoactinomyces vulgaris                                                     THE                             69229

       - thermopolyspora                                                                          TPS                             69229

       - Toxocara                                                                                        TOC                            69229

       - toxoplasma                                                                                    TOX                            69229

       - TPHA(Treponema pallidum haemagglutin.test)                      TPHA                         69229

       - Treponema pallidum haemagglutination test                           TPHA                         69229

       - trichinosis                                                                                      TOS                             69229

       - typhus, Weil-Felix                                                                        TYP                             69229

       - Varicella zoster                                                                              VCZ                             69229

       - VDRL (Venereal Disease Research Laboratory)                      VDRL                          69229

       - Yersinia enterocolitica                                                                 YER                             69229

Microbial antigen testing

       - Chlamydia                                                                                      CHLY                          69221

       - Clostridium difficile                                                                      CLDT                          69219

       - cryptococcal antigen                                                                   CRYN                          69219

       - group B streptococcus                                                                STB                             69219

       - Haemophilus influenzae                                                              HI                                69219

       - herpes simplex virus                                                                    HSV                             69223

       - Neisseria gonorrhoeae                                                                GON                            69219

       - Neisseria meningitidis                                                                 NMG                           69219

       - respiratory syncytial virus                                                          RSVN                          69219

       - Streptococcus pneumoniae                                                        SPN                             66219

       - Varicella zoster                                                                              VCZN                          69219

Micropolyspora faeni                                                                           MIC                             69229

Microscopic examination of:                                                              

       - faeces for parasites                                                                      OCP                             69203

       - material other than blood                                                            M                                 69201

Microscopy & culture of:

       - material from nose, throat, eye or ear                                        MCS1                          69205

       - material from skin, superficial sites,

         urethra, vagina, cervix or rectum                                                MCS2                          69207

       - post-op wounds, aspirations of body

         cavities, synovial fluid, CSF                                                      



         & op/biopsy specimens                                                              MCS3                          69209

       - specimens of sputum                                                                   MCS2                          69207

       - specimens of sputum, urine

         or other body fluids for mycobacteria                                       AFB                             69213

Mucin-like carcinoma associated antigen                                         MCA                           66261

Mycobacteria microscopy & culture of sputum                              AFB                             69213

N-acetyl procainamide                                                                          NAPC                          66235

Neisseria meningitidis antigens                                                          NMG                           69219

Neural tube defects/Down syndrome                                                NTDD                         66321

Neuron-specific enolase                                                                      NSEN                          66261

Neutrophil functions                                                                            NFT                             71135

Nickel NI                                                                                                 66277

Nitrazepam                                                                                              NITR                           66235

Nordothiepin                                                                                          NDIP                           66235

Norfluoxetine                                                                                         NFLE                           66235

Nortriptyline                                                                                           NORT                          66235

Oestradiol                                                                                               E2                                 66301

Oestriol                                                                                                   E3                                 66301

       - for Down syndrome testing                                                        NTDD                         66321

Oestrone                                                                                                 E1                                 66301

Oligoclonal proteins                                                                             OGP                             71065

Osmolality, serum or urine                                                                   OSML                         66223

Oxalate                                                                                                    OXAL                         66273

Oxazepam                                                                                                OXAZ                         66235

PAA (phenyl acetic acid)                                                                     PAA                            66281

Palmitic acid in amniotic fluid                                                              PALM                         66243

Paracetamol                                                                                            PARA                         66235

Paraprotein investigation                                                                    

       - by electrophoresis                                                                       EPPI                             66245

       - by immunoelectrophoresis or immunofixation                         PPRO                           71061

       - on concurrently collected serum or urine                                 PPSU                           71063

Paraquat                                                                                                  PARQ                          66235

Parathyroid hormone (PTH)                                                                PTH                             66301

Partial thromboplastin time                                                                  PTT                             65029

Passovy factor                                                                                       PF                                65045

Patient episode initiation fees                                                             PEI                          73901-15

Pentobarbitone                                                                                      PENT                           66235

Pentagastrin                                                                                           PSTR                           66297

Perhexiline                                                                                              PHEX                          66235

pH measurement of body fluids other than urine                            PH                                66213

Phenobarbitone                                                                                     PHBA                          66235

Phensuximide                                                                                         PHEN                          66235

Phenylacetic acid                                                                                  PAA                            66281

Phenytoin                                                                                               PHEY                           66235



Phosphate                                                                                              PHOS                          66201

Phosphatidylglycerol                                                                           PTGL                           66243

Plasminogen                                                                                           PLAS                          65037


       - aggregation                                                                                   PLTG                           65041

       - count                                                                                              PLTC                           65001

Porphyrins (quantitative test, 1 or more                                           

       fractions)                                                                                          PR                                66281

Potassium                                                                                               K                                  66201

Prealbumin                                                                                              PALB                          66259

Prednisolone                                                                                          PRED                          66235

Pregnancy serology

       - 1 estimation                                                                                   MSP1                          69253

       - 2 estimations                                                                                 MSP2                          69255

       - 3 estimations                                                                                 MSP3                          69257

       - for Down syndrome testing                                                        NTDD                         66321

Primidone                                                                                                PRIM                          66235

Procainamide                                                                                          PCAM                        66235

Progesterone                                                                                          PROG                          66301

Prolactin                                                                                                  PROL                          66301

Prominal                                                                                                  PROM                         66235

Propranolol                                                                                             PPNO                          66235

Prostate specific antigen                                                                      PSA                             66259

Prostatic acid phosphatase                                                                 ACP                            66259


       - C PROC                                                                                          65037

       - S PROS                                                                                           65037

       - quantitative estim. of specific protein

            - alpha fetoprotein                                                                    AFP                             66259

                - for Down syndrome testing                                              NTDD                         66321

            - alpha-l-antitrypsin                                                                  AAT                           66255

            - alpha-2-macroglobulin                                                           AMAC                       66255

            - beta-2-microglobulin                                                              BMIC                          66259

            - C-l esterase inhibitor                                                              CEI                              66257

            - caeruloplasmin                                                                        CPLS                           66259

            - classes by electrophoresis                                                    EPPI                            66245

            - ferritin (see also Iron studies)                                               FERR                           66259

            - haptoglobins                                                                           HGLB                          66259

            - microalbumin                                                                           MALB                        66259

            - transferrin (see also Iron studies)                                        TRAN                         66259

       - total                                                                                                PROT                          66201

Prothrombin time                                                                                   PT                                65029

Pyruvate                                                                                                 PVTE                           66273

Quinalbarb                                                                                              QUIB                           66235



Quinidine                                                                                                QUIN                           66235

Quinine                                                                                                   QNN                            66235

RAST RAST                                                                                          71079

Red cell folate & serum B12 & serum folate if required                   RCF                             66267

Red cell porphyrins - qualitative test                                                 RCP                             65027

Renin  REN                                                                                             66301

Respiratory syncytial virus antigens                                                 RSVN                          69219

Reticulocyte count                                                                                RETC                           65001

Rheumatoid factor                                                                                 RF                                71105

       - factor quantitation                                                                       RFQ                             71107

RSV- respiratory syncytial virus                                                         RSVN                          69219

Rubella serology                                                                                   RUB                             69229

Salicylate - aspirin                                                                                 SALI                            66235

Secretin                                                                                                   SSGR                           66297

Selenium                                                                                                 SE                                66277

Semen examination                                                                                SEE                              73523

       - for spermatozoa (post vasectomy)                                            SES                              73521

Serotonin                                                                                                5HT                             66273

Serology - in pregnancy (see Pregnancy serology)


       - Bl2                                                                                                   B12                              66265

       - folate (with Bl2)                                                                            FOL                             66265

       - folate (with Bl2 red cell folate)                                                    RCF                             66267

Sex hormone binding globulin                                                            SHBG                          66301

Snake venom                                                                                          HISS                            66231

Sodium                                                                                                    NA                               66201

Solid tissue or tissues - chemical assays                                          ENZS                           66285

Somatomedin                                                                                         SOMA                        66301

Sotalol                                                                                                     SALL                           66235

Specific IgG or IgE antibodies                                                             RAST                          71079

Sperm antibodies                                                                                   SAB                             73525

       - penetrating ability                                                                        SPA                             73525

Stelazine                                                                                                  STEL                           66235

Streptococcus pneumoniae antigens                                                 SPN                             69219

Strontium                                                                                                SR                                66277

Sulthiame (Ospolot)                                                                              SUL                             66235

Synacthen stimulation test                                                                  SYNS                           66297

Syphilis serology                                                                                  STS                              69231

Testosterone                                                                                          TES                              66301

Thalassaemia studies                                                                           TS                                65011

Theophylline                                                                                          THEO                          66235

Thiopentone                                                                                          TOPO                          66235

Thioridazine                                                                                           THIO                           66235

Thrombin time                                                                                        TT                                65029



Thyroglobulin                                                                                        TGL                             66261


       - function tests                                                                                TFT                             66291

       - stimulating hormone                                                                    TSH                             66301

Thyrotrophin releasing hormone test                                                TRH                             66293

Total free fatty acids                                                                             TFFA                          66273

Transferrin (see also Iron studies)                                                     TRAN                         66259

Triglycerides                                                                                          TRIG                            66201

Trimipramine                                                                                          TRIM                          66235

TSH (where not requested as part of a thyroid function test)       TSH                             66301

Tumour markers

       - CA-15.3 antigen                                                                            CA15                           66261

       - CA-19.9 antigen                                                                            CA19                           66261

       - CA-125 antigen                                                                             C125                            66261

       - carcinoembryonic antigen                                                          CEA                             66261

       - mammary serum antigen                                                              MSA                           66261

       - mucin-like carcinoma associated antigen                                 MCA                           66261

       - neuron specific enolase                                                              NSEN                          66261

       - prostate specific antigen                                                             PSA                             66259

       - prostatic acid phosphatase-1 or more fractions                      ACP                             66259

       - thyroglobulin                                                                                TGL                             66261

Tryptic activity in faeces                                                                     TAF                             66323

Urate                                                                                                        URAT                         66201

Urea                                                                                                         U                                  66201


       - bilirubin                                                                                          UBIL                            66213

       - cystine (cysteine)                                                                         UCYS                          66213

       - haemoglobin                                                                                 UHB                            66213

       - melanin (melanogen)                                                                    UML                            66213

       - microscopy, culture, identification & sensitivity                    UMCS                         69217

       - myoglobin                                                                                     UMY                           66213

       - porphobilinogen                                                                           UPG                             66213

       - porphyrins (qualitative test)                                                       UPR                             66213

       - steroid fraction or fractions                                                        USF                             66301

       - urobilinogen                                                                                  UUB                            66213

Valproate (Epilim)                                                                                  VALP                          66235

Vancomycin                                                                                           VAN                            66235

Varicella zoster antigens                                                                      VCZN                          69219

Vasoactive intestinal peptide                                                              VIP                               66301

Vasopressin                                                                                           ADH                            66301

Viscosity of blood or plasma                                                               VISC                            65001


       - B12                                                                                                  RCF                             66267

       - D                                                                                                     VITD                           66271



       - folate                                                                                              RCF                             66267

       - quantitative estimation of A, B1, B2, B3, B6, C or E               VIT                              66269

VMA (see HMMA)

Von Willebrands factor                                                                        VWF                           65045

Von Willebrands factor antigen                                                          VWA                          65045

Warfarin                                                                                                  WFR                           66235

Xylose                                                                                                     XYL                             66273

Zinc                                                                                                         ZN                               66273







1.     Notified in the Commonwealth of Australia Gazette on 27 October 1992.