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Audit Regulations (Amendment)

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  • - C2004L00688
  • No longer in force
SR 1990 No. 380 Regulations as made
These Regulations amend the Audit Regulations.
Tabling HistoryDate
Tabled Senate11-Dec-1990
Tabled HR20-Dec-1990
Gazetted 06 Dec 1990
Date of repeal 01 Jan 1998
Repealed by Repeal of the enabling legislation by Audit (Transitional and Miscellaneous) Amendment Act 1997

Commonwealth Coat of Arms of Australia

Statutory Rules 1990 No. 3801


Audit Regulations2 (Amendment)

I, THE GOVERNOR-GENERAL of the Commonwealth of Australia, acting with the advice of the Federal Executive Council, hereby make the following Regulations under the Audit Act 1901.

Dated 29 November 1990.



By His Excellency’s Command.

Ralph Willis

Minister of State for Finance


1. Amendment

1.1 The Audit Regulations arc amended as set out in these Regulations.

2. Schedule 2 (Authorities and bodies to which section 70ba of the Act applies)

2.1 Omit the Schedule, substitute:

SCHEDULE 2                                    Subregulation 3 (1)


Aboriginal Development Commission

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commercial Development Commission

Albury-Wodonga Development Corporation

Anglo-Australian Telescope Board

Army and Air Force Canteen Service

Australia Council

Australia-Japan Foundation

Australian Bicentennial Authority Superannuation Fund


(S.R. 335/900—Cat. No.                                                                                                                            16/18.10.1990

SCHEDULE 2—continued

Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Australian Broadcasting Tribunal

Australian Bureau of Criminal Intelligence

Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research

Australian Dairy Corporation

Australian Dried Fruits Corporation

Australian Film Commission

Australian Honey Board

Australian Horticultural Corporation

Australian Industrial Registry

Australian Industry Development Corporation

Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies

Australian Institute of Criminology

Australian Institute of Family Studies

Australian Institute of Health

Australian Institute of Marine Science

Australian Maritime College

Australian Meat and Live-stock Corporation

Australian Meat and Live-stock Research and Development Corporation

Australian National Gallery

Australian National Railways Commission

Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation

Australian Pork Corporation

Australian Postal Corporation

Australian Securities Commission

Australian Sports Commission

Australian Telecommunications Authority

Australian Telecommunications Corporation

Australian Tobacco Board

Australian Tourist Commission

Australian Trade Commission

Australian Trade Union Training Authority

Australian War Memorial

Australian Wheat Board

Australian Wine and Brandy Corporation

Australian Wool Corporation

Bureau of Tourism Research

Canberra Institute of the Arts

Civil Aviation Authority

Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources

Commission for the Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation of Commonwealth Employees

Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Commonwealth Banking Corporation

Commonwealth Development Bank of Australia

Commonwealth Grants Commission

Commonwealth Rehabilitation Service

Commonwealth Savings Bank of Australia

Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization

Commonwealth Serum Laboratories Commission

Companies and Securities Advisory Commission

Criminology Research Council

SCHEDULE 2—continued

Defence Housing Authority

Director of National Parks and Wildlife

Family Court of Australia

Federal Airports Corporation

Federal Court of Australia

Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority

Health Insurance Commission

High Court of Australia

Horticultural Research and Development Corporation

Housing Loans Insurance Corporation

Joint Coal Board

Law Reform Commission

Murray-Darling Basin Commission

National Debt Commission

National Library of Australia

National Museum of Australia

National Occupational Health and Safety Commission

National Standards Commission

Parliament House Construction Authority

Pipeline Authority

Registrars appointed under section 14 of the Commonwealth Inscribed Stock Act 1911

Reserve Bank of Australia

Royal Australian Air Force Veterans’ Residences Trust

Royal Australian Mint

Snowy Mountains Hydro-electric Authority

Special Broadcasting Service

Stevedoring Industry Finance Committee

The Australian Film Television and Radio School

The Australian National University

Trustees of the Australian High Commission Britain Locally Engaged Staff Pension Scheme

Trustees of the Australian Military Forces Relief Trust Fund

Trustees of the Royal Australian Air Force Welfare Trust Fund

Trustees of the Royal Australian Navy Relief Trust Fund

University of Canberra

3. Schedule 3 (Companies to which section 70ba of the Act applies)

3.1 Omit the Schedule, substitute:

SCHEDULE 3                                    Subregulation 3 (2)


Aboriginal Hostels Ltd

Adelaide Terrace Investments Pty Ltd

Advanced Network Management Pty Ltd

SCHEDULE 3continued

AEFC Equities Ltd

AEFC Investments Services Ply Ltd

AEFC Leasing Pty Ltd

AEFC Nominees Pty Ltd

AEFC Securities Ltd

Aerospace Technologies of Australia Pty Ltd

A.E. Trethowan Pty Ltd

Agriculture Australia Pty Ltd

AIDC Agribusiness Pty Ltd

AIDC Executive Superannuation Pty Ltd

AIDC Leasing Pty Ltd


AIDC Securities Ltd

AIDC Staff Superannuation Pty Ltd

AMC Search Ltd

ANL Cargo Operations Pty Ltd

Antarctic Shipping Pty Ltd

Apiwentye Pastoral Co Pty Ltd

Asia Pacific Distribution Ltd

ASTA Aircraft Services Pty Ltd


AUSSAT Finance Ltd

Australian Asia Airlines Ltd

Australian Art Exhibition Corporation Ltd

Australian Bicentennial Authority

Australian Contemporary Music Development Company Pty Ltd

Australian Defence Industries Pty Ltd

Australian European Finance Coporation Ltd

Australian Film Finance Corporation Pty Ltd

Australian National Container Management Pty Ltd

Australian National Line Ltd

Australian National Shipping Agencies Pty Ltd

Australian Sports Aid Foundation

Australian Wool Corporation Holdings Pty Ltd

Balga Pty Ltd

Baroona Pty Ltd

Baruwei Enterprises Pty Ltd

Beckersley Pty Ltd

Benon Pty Ltd

Besoku Pty Ltd

Besola Pty Ltd

Besome Pty Ltd

Besonol Pty Ltd

Besori Pty Ltd

Besula Pty Ltd

Besuni Pty Ltd

Besute Pty Ltd

Besuvo Pty Ltd

Besuxo Pty Ltd

Betabu Pty Ltd

Betadi Pty Ltd

SCHEDULE 3continued

Betale Pty Ltd

Betana Pty Ltd

Betavu Pty Ltd

Betaxo Pty Ltd

Betodo Pty Ltd

Beteken Pty Ltd

Beteli Pty Ltd

Betepa Pty Ltd

Betime Pty Ltd

Betinal Pty Ltd

Binya Pty Ltd

CBFC Leasing Pty Ltd


CBFC Properties Pty Ltd


Coal Mines Insurance Pty Ltd

Collateral Leasing Pty Ltd

Collateral Leasing (No. 2) Pty Ltd

Collateral Leasing (No. 3) Pty Ltd

Collateral Leasing (No. 4) Pty Ltd

Collateral Leasing (No. 5) Pty Ltd

Collateral Leasing (No. 6) Pty Ltd

Collateral Leasing (No. 7) Pty Ltd

Colly Farms Cotton Ltd

Colly Farms Gin Pty Ltd

Colly Farms Ltd

Colly Farms Management Pty Ltd

Colly Farms Marketing Pty Ltd

Colly Farms Nominees Pty Ltd

Colly Farms Properties Pty Ltd

Colly Farms Risk Management Pty Ltd

Com Law (No. 18) Pty Ltd

Commonwealth Life Ltd

Commonwealth Management Services Ltd

Comongin Pty Ltd

Corporation Properties Ltd

Coselco Finance Pty Ltd

Coselco Insurance Pty Ltd

Coselco Mimotopes Pty Ltd

Cradle Electronics Pty Ltd

CTB Leasing (No. 3) Pty Ltd

CTB Leasing Pty Ltd

CTB Nominees Ltd

Darontin Pty Ltd

Datacast Pty Ltd

Edward River Crocodile Farm Pty Ltd

Film Australia Pty Ltd

Goolgumbia Pty Ltd

Grenjay Pty Ltd

Harford Pty Ltd

SCHEDULE 3—continued

Idamenco (No. 145) Pty Ltd

Idamenco (No. 156) Pty Ltd

Idamenco (No. 157) Pty Ltd

Idamenco (No. 158) Pty Ltd

Idamenco (No. 159) Pty Ltd

Information Switching Technology Pty Ltd

InterScan International Ltd

Jaybyte Pty Ltd

Jaylark Pty Ltd

Jemtor Pty Ltd

Jena (SFIT) Pty Ltd

Jimcroft Pty Ltd

Jolmark Pty Ltd

Jolport Pty Ltd

Jontwin Pty Ltd

Joynell Pty Ltd

Landcare Australia Ltd

Mimotech Ltd

Morr Morr Pastoral Co Pty Ltd

National Protocol Support Centre Ltd

National Training Board Ltd

Natsoft Communications Pty Ltd

Network Innovations Pty Ltd

O.T.C. International Ltd


Peake Pty Ltd

Phosphate Mining Company of Christmas Island Ltd

Pluteus ACT (No. 7) Pty Ltd

Qantair Ltd

Qantas Airways Ltd

Qantas Distribution Services Ltd

Qantas Flight Catering Ltd

Qantas Flight Catering Holdings Ltd

Qantas Information Technology Ltd

Qantas Jetabout Holidays Ltd

Qantas Superannuation Ltd

Q.H. Tours Ltd

QPSX Communications Australia Pty Ltd

QPSX Communications Ltd

Relkenet Pty Ltd

Saline Pty Ltd

Satellites (No 2) Pty Ltd

SFIT Management Pty Ltd


SMEC Superannuation Pty Ltd

Snowglobe Pty Ltd

Snowy Mountains Engineering Corporation Ltd

Sorbon Pty Ltd

SCHEDULE 3continued

Southern Alloys Venture Pty Ltd

Sparad (No. 1) Pty Ltd

Sparad (No. 2) Pty Ltd

Sparad (No. 3) Pty Ltd

Sparad (No. 4) Pty Ltd

Sparad (No. 5) Pty Ltd

Sparad (No. 6) Pty Ltd

Sparad (No. 7) Pty Ltd

Sparad (No. 8) Pty Ltd

Sparad (No. 9) Pty Ltd

Sparad (No. 10) Pty Ltd

Sprintpak Pty Ltd

Telecom Australia (International) Ltd

Telecom Messagetech Pty Ltd

Telecom Super Pty Ltd

Telecom Technologies Pty Ltd

Telecommunications Power Pty Ltd

Telesoft Communications Pty Ltd

The Tubbo Estate Company Proprietary Ltd

T-Net Pty Ltd

Transport Communications Australia Pty Ltd

Trans-United Pty Ltd

Travelstrength Ltd

Travelstrength Services Pty Ltd

United Transport Pty Ltd

VIVA! Holidays Ltd

Yeperenye Pty Ltd



1. Notified in the Commonwealth of Australia Gazette on 6 December 1990.

2. Statutory Rules 1979 No. 284 as amended by 1981 Nos. 41, 259 and 348; 1982 No. 148; 1984 No. 125; 1985 Nos. 132, 302 and 303: 1986 No. 297; 1987 Nos. 30, 150 and 228; 1988 Nos. 4, 130 and 318; 1989 No. 238.

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