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Aliens Act Repeal Act 1984

Authoritative Version
Act No. 119 of 1984 as made
An Act to repeal the Aliens Act 1947 and for related purposes
Administered by: Immigration and Border Protection
Date of Assent 18 Oct 1984
Date of repeal 10 Dec 2015
Repealed by Amending Acts 1980 to 1989 Repeal Act 2015


Aliens Act Repeal Act 1984

No. 119 of 1984


An Act to repeal the Aliens Act 1947 and for related purposes

[Assented to 18 October 1984]

BE IT ENACTED by the Queen, and the Senate and the House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Australia, as follows:

Short title, &c.

1. (1) This Act may be cited as the Aliens Act Repeal Act 1984.

(2) The Aliens Act 19471 is in this Act referred to as the Principal Act.


2. This Act shall come into operation on the day on which it receives the Royal Assent.

Repeal of certain Acts

3. The Acts set out in the Schedule are repealed.

Persons not to be prosecuted after repeal

4. Where a person, before the commencement of this Act—

(a) has committed an offence against the Principal Act; or

(b) is liable, under section 18 of that Act, to pay a pecuniary penalty,

that person shall not, after the commencement of this Act—


(c) be liable to be prosecuted in respect of that offence; or

(d) be required to pay that pecuniary penalty,

as the case requires.


SCHEDULE                                      Section 3


Aliens Act 1947

Aliens Act 1952

Aliens Act 1959

Aliens Act 1965

Aliens Act 1966

Aliens Act 1973



1. No. 22, 1947, as amended. For previous amendments, see No. 68, 1952; No. 32, 1959; No. 12, 1965; No. 9, 1966; No. 132, 1973; No. 216, 1973; and No. 91, 1976.