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Book Bounty Regulations

Authoritative Version
SR 1976 No. 100 Regulations as made
Principal Regulations
Gazetted 18 May 1976
Date of repeal 16 Jun 1990
Repealed by Repeal of the enabling legislation by Bounty Legislation Amendment Act 1990

Commonwealth Coat of Arms of Australia

Statutory Rules

1976 No. 100


I, THE GOVERNOR-GENERAL of the Commonwealth of Australia, acting with the advice of the Federal Executive Council, hereby make the following Regulations under the Book Bounty Act 1969-1975.

Dated this seventh day of May, 1976.



By His Excellency’s Command,


Minister of State for Business and Consumer Affairs.




1.  These Regulations may be cited as the Book Bounty Regulations.


2.  In these Regulations, unless the contrary intention appears—

“ the Act ” means the Book Bounty Act 1969-1975;

“ appropriate officer ”means—

(a) in the case of a manufacturer or applicant who carries on business in a State—the Collector for the State;

(b) in the case of a manufacturer or applicant who carries or business in the Northern Territory—the Collector for the Northern Territory; or

(c) in the case of a manufacturer or applicant who carries or business in the Australian Capital Territory—the Comptroller-General;

“ authorized agent ” means a person appointed under regulation 3 to be an authorized agent;

“ bounty ”means bounty under the Act.

Authorized agent.

3. (1) A manufacturer may, by instrument in writing in accordance with the form in the Schedule, appoint an authorized agent to execute on his behalf a notice, declaration, certificate or other document that the manufacturer is required to execute by, or for the purposes of, the Act or these Regulations, and the authorized agent may execute on behalf of the manufacturer such a notice, declaration, certificate or other document.

* Notified in the Australian Government Gazette on 18 May 1976.


(2) Where a notice, declaration, certificate or document referred to in sub-regulation (1) has been executed by an authorized agent of a manufacturer, the manufacturer is subject to the same liabilities and penalties as if he had executed that notice, declaration, certificate or document.

(3) A notice, declaration, certificate or other document so executed shall be as effective as if it had been executed by the principal.

(4) A manufacturer who has appointed an authorized agent may revoke the appointment by writing under his hand.

(5) The appointment or revocation of an authorized agent shall be delivered to the appropriate officer.

Form of application and declaration.

4. (1)   An application for bounty in respect of the production of an Australian book shall—

(a) be in writing and state the particulars referred to in regulation 5 relating to the book;

(b) be signed by the applicant in the presence of a witness;

(c) be signed by that witness and state his address and occupation;

(d) contain a declaration signed by the applicant that the particulars relating to the books set out in the application for bounty are true and correct in every particular; and

(e) be delivered to the appropriate officer within 3 months after the date of completion of production of the book to which the application relates, or within such extended period as the appropriate officer allows under sub-regulation (2).

(2) Where it is not reasonably practicable, for reasons outside the control of the applicant, for the application for bounty to be delivered to the appropriate officer within the period of 3 months specified in paragraph (1) (e), the appropriate officer shall, if the applicant requests in writing an extension of that period (whether the request is made before or after the expiration of that period), extend the period within which the application for bounty may be delivered for a specified period, being a reasonable period having regard to the circumstances of the particular case.

Particulars required in application for bounty.

5.  An application for bounty in respect of the production of a book shall state—

(a) the name and address of the applicant for bounty;

(b) the address of the registered premises at which the book was produced;

(c) the date of registration of the premises or the date from which the registration of the premises is to be deemed to take effect under subsection 11 (6) of the Act;

(d) the name and address of the publisher of the book;

(e) the date of the agreement or agreements between the publisher of the book and the manufacturer or manufacturers of the book;

(f) such particulars relating to the book, including its title, author, subject matter, number of printed pages and the total area of the pages as are relevant to determine whether bounty is payable on the production of the book;

(g) the number of copies of the book produced;

(h) details of the costs incurred or proposed to be incurred in the production process in respect of which bounty is claimed;

(i) the amount of bounty claimed;

(j) the period during which the book was produced;


(k) whether anything has been done or omitted to be done by the applicant, or to the best of his knowledge and belief, by any other person, whereby the right of the manufacturer to bounty has been forfeited or taken away; and

(l) whether, to the best knowledge and belief of the applicant, an application for bounty has been made, and whether any bounty has been paid in respect of the production process for which bounty is claimed.


SCHEDULE                                            Regulation 3


Book Bounty Act 1969-1975


To the Comptroller-General/Collector of Customs

(a) Insert name and address of manufacturer

(b) Insert name, address and occupation of agent

(c) Signature of manufacturer

(d) Signature, occupation and address of witness

(e) Signature of agent

I, (a)                                 , hereby appoint (b)                                                     , a specimen of whose signature appears hereunder, to be my authorized agent for the purposes of the Book Bounty Act 1969-1975 and the Regulations made thereunder.

Dated at                                        the                              day of                         19       .