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Lands Acquisition (Defence) Act 1968

Authoritative Version
Act No. 136 of 1968 as made
An Act to make provision for the Acquisition by the Commonwealth, for Defence purposes, of certain Land in the State of New South Wales.
Administered by: Finance
Date of Assent 09 Dec 1968
Date of repeal 12 Jul 2008
Repealed by Lands Acquisition Legislation Amendment Act 2008

Lands Acquisition (Defence)

No. 136 of 1968

An Act to make provision for the Acquisition by the Commonwealth, for Defence purposes, of certain Land in the State of New South Wales.

[Assented to 9 December 1968]

BE it enacted by the Queen’s Most Excellent Majesty, the Senate, and the House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Australia, as follows:—

Short title.

1.  This Act may be cited as the Lands Acquisition (Defence) Act 1968.


2.  This Act shall come into operation on the day on which it receives the Royal Assent.

Section 6 (2.) of Lands Acquisition Act not to apply to acquisition of certain land for defence purposes.

3.  Sub-section (2.) of section 6 of the Lands Acquisition Act 1955-1966 does not apply to or in relation to the acquisition, for the purposes of the naval and military defence of the Commonwealth, or for any purpose included in those purposes, of the whole or any part of the following land:—

(a) the land described in the notice by the Minister of State for Lands of the State of New South Wales published on page 713 of the Government Gazette of the State of New South Wales dated the twenty-fourth day of February, One thousand nine hundred and sixty-seven, a copy of which notice is set out in the First Schedule to this Act;

(b) the land described, under the heading “O’Hare’s Creek”, in the Schedule to the Authority given by the Governor-General under section 69 of the Defence Act 1903-1965 on the twenty-fifth day of November, One thousand nine hundred and sixty-six, and published on pages 5994 and 5995 of the Commonwealth of Australia Gazette dated the first day of December of that year, a copy of the description of which land in that Schedule is set out in the Second Schedule to this Act; and

(c) the land comprised in Portion 14, and in Portion 15, Parish of Eckersley, County of Cumberland, in the State of New South Wales.





Section 3 (a).

Copy of Notice Published in New South Wales Government Gazette.

Sydney, 24th February, 1967.

reserve from sale

IT is hereby notified that in pursuance of the provision of section 28 of the Crown Lands Consolidation Act, 1913, the Crown Land hereunder described shall be reserved from sale for the public purpose hereinafter specified, and is hereby reserved accordingly.

t. l. lewis, Minister for Lands.


for public recreation

Land District-Metropolitan; Shire-Sutherland: Municipality-Campbelltown; City-Liverpool

No. 86, 195. Parishes Holsworthy, Eckersley and Wedderburn, County Cumberland, about 38,680 acres, being the lands shown by red edges on plan catalogued Ms. 20, 717 Sy. Plans C.555R., 1,254r., 1,255, 1,256, 1,257r., 1,270, 1,271, 1,315, 1,317, 1,318, 1,319, 1,321, 1,322, 1,323, 1,324, 1,339r., 1,349, 1,391, 1,397, 1,398r., 1,399, 1,516, 1,548, 1,580, 1,786, 1,788,1,789, 1.842R., 1,857r., 1,858r., 1,935, 1,936, 1,937, 1,938, 1,939, 1,940, 1,948r., 2,335r., 2,336r., 2,337r., 2,602r., 6,887r., 7,126r., 7,349, 7,648-2,030r. C. 748-690. L.B. 49-1,093. P. 64-384.


Section 3 (b).

Copy of Description of O’Hare’s Creek Land in Authority by Governor-General Published in Commonwealth of Australia Gazette.

In the Parish of Eckersley all that portion to the south and west of a boundary made by Dahlia Creek and the northern boundary of portion 4 and thence south along the old Illawarra Road.

In the City of Greater Wollongong all that portion west of the Illawarra Road to Bishops Corner from thence along a line of bearing 192 degrees (magnetic) to the northern boundary of R50787 and the Metropolitan Catchment Area, following this boundary to its junction with the Appin Road thence westerly along this road.

In the Parish of Wedderburn all that area bounded in the north by the northern boundaries of portions 3, 8 and 9; to the east by O’Hares Creek to where it joins Dahlia Creek; on the west by the road running through portions 3, 6 and 7 and along the western boundaries of portions 10, 15 and 47, thence west along the southern border of portion 13 to the Georges River, following south along this River to Brennans Creek; in the south line of Brennans Creek to where it meets the extension to the west of portion 33, thence to portion 33 south along its western boundary to the Wollongong-Appin Road, then east along this road to the Parish border.