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SR 1942 No. 428 Regulations as made
These Regulations amend the National Security (Dairy Produce Acquisition) Regulations.
Gazetted 06 Oct 1942
Date of repeal 31 Dec 1950
Repealed by Repeal of the enabling legislation by Statute Law Revision Act 1950


1942. No. 428.



I, THE GOVERNOR-GENERAL in and over the Commonwealth of Australia, acting with the advice of the Federal Executive Council, hereby make the following Regulations under the National Security Act 1939-1940.

Dated this sixth day of October, 1942.



By His Excellencys Command,


for and on behalf of the Minister of State for Defence.


Amendments of National Security (Dairy Produce Acquisition) Regulations.†

Fees and expenses.

1. Regulation 8 of the National Security (Dairy Produce Acquisition) Regulations is amended by inserting, after the word Committee, the words “or of the Executive Committee of the Committee

2. After regulation 8 of the National Security (Dairy Produce Acquisition) Regulations the following regulation is inserted:—

Executive Committee.

8a.—(1.) There shall be an Executive Committee of the Committee which shall consist of the Chairman of the Committee (who shall also be Chairman of the Executive Committee) and five other members of the Committee appointed by the Minister.

“(2.) The Committee may delegate to the Executive Committee such of its powers and functions as the Committee, subject to any direction by the Minister, determines:

Provided that no such delegation shall prevent the exercise of any power or function by the Committee.

3. After regulation 15 of the National Security (Dairy Produce Acquisition) Regulations the following regulation is inserted:—

Records and books of account to be preserved.

15a. Any person from whom any dairy produce has been acquired by the Commonwealth under these Regulations shall preserve all records and books of account relating to that dairy produce for a period of one year after the date of the acquisition of that dairy produce..


* Notified in the Commonwealth Gazette on                                                                                        , 1942.

† Statutory Rules 1939, No.145, as amended by Statutory Rules 1940, No. 64; 1941, No.276; and 1942, No 177.


By Authority: L. F. Johnston, Commonwealth Government Printer, Canberra.

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