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Canned Fruits Assistance Regulations

Authoritative Version
SR 1928 No. 39 Regulations as made
Principal Regulations; Repeals the former Canned Fruits Assistance Regulations.
Gazetted 17 May 1928
Date of repeal 28 Aug 1929
Repealed by Canned Fruits Assistance Regulations


1927. No. 39.



I, THE GOVERNOR-GENERAL in and over the Commonwealth of Australia, acting on the advice of the Federal Executive Council, do hereby make the following Regulations under the Export Guarantee Act 1924-1925, to come into operation forthwith.

Dated this fifteenth day of May, 1928.



By His Excellency’s Command,


Minister for Markets.



Short title.

1. These Regulations may be cited as the Canned Fruits Assistance Regulations.


2. In these Regulations, unless the contrary intention appears—

“Assistance” means assistance under section five of the Export Guarantee Act 1924-1925, in respect of clingstone peaches canned in the Commonwealth during the period commencing on the first day of January, 1928, and ending on the thirty-first day of May, 1928, and exported to Great Britain from the Commonwealth on or before the thirty-first day of December, 1928.

Claims for assistance.

3. Any claim for assistance shall be in accordance with the form in the Schedule to these Regulations, and shall be rendered in duplicate to the Secretary, Department of Markets, Melbourne.

Accounts to be kept.

4. (1) Each claimant for assistance shall keep proper and separate books of account showing in detail—

(a) the quantity of apricots, clingstone peaches, and pears purchased by the claimant;

(b) the amount paid to the grower for apricots, clingstone peaches and pears;

(c) the name and address of the grower from whom the apricots, clingstone peaches, and pears were purchased; and

(d) such other particulars as the Minister from time to time requires.

(2) All account books kept under this regulation by a claimant for assistance and all documents in the possession or under the control of the claimant relating to canned apricots, clingstone peaches and pears shall at all reasonable times be open to inspection and audit by any person authorized in that behalf by the Minister, and that person may, upon inspection or audit, make and take away extracts from those books of account and documents.


5. The Canned Fruits Assistance Regulations (being Statutory Rules 1927, No. 70) are repealed.

828.—Price 3d.




Commonwealth of Australia.

Export Guarantee Act 1924-1925.


(a) Insert name and full address.

Dr. to (a)

Financial year 192       . State of          .

I hereby claim assistance under section five of the Export Guarantee Act 1924-1925 in respect of Canned Clingstone Peaches produced by me at my factory during the period commencing on the first day of January, 1928, and ending on the thirty-first day of May, 1928, and exported by me to Great Britain per s.s.            on        .

Factory Situated at.

Number of Dozen, Size and Description of Canned Clingstone Peaches on which Assistance is Claimed.

Rate of Assistance.

Amount of Assistance Claimed.





Total—£          :           :           ,           pounds             shillings           pence.

Signature of Producer.


In connexion with this claim the following additional particulars are furnished:—

(b) Insert name and full address of purchaser.

(1) The Canned Clingstone Peaches were purchased by (b)    

(c) State name and address of seller.

(2) The price per dozen              oz. tins at which the Canned Clingstone Peaches have been sold by (c)       to the purchaser is as follows:—

(i) Gross price per dozen                     oz. tins c.i.f. or f.o.b.

(ii) Deductions from gross price by way of—

(a) Discount.

(b) Commission.

(c) Brokerage.

(d) Rebate.

(e) Any other allowances.

(d) Full name and address of seller.

(3) The net price per dozen f.o.b. Australian port received or to be received by (d)    is

(e) State name and address of canner.

(4) The growers of the fresh fruit used in all canned apricots, clingstone peaches and pears manufactured by (e)                                                         during the 1928 season have received payment from (e)   for such fresh fruit at not less than £10 per ton.

This rate shall

(a) where the cannery is situated outside a metropolitan area include the cost of delivery to the cannery; and

(b) where the cannery is situated in a metropolitan area, include cost of delivery at the railway station most convenient to the orchard where the fruit is grown.

Officer’s Certificates.

I certify that to the best of my knowledge and belief, after due inquiry, the particulars and statements declared to in the claim for assistance are true and correct, and that the claimant is entitled to assistance on the goods specified in the claim.

Officer of Department of Markets.

Date         /           /          

I certify that this account is correct within the meaning of section 34 of the Audit Act 1901-1926.

Certifying Officer.

Date           /           /           .

Received on the                                       192  ,  from                                         the sum of       pounds shillings and                                                                  pence, in full payment of the above account.

Witness to the payment and signature


Commonwealth of Australia.


I,                                                              of                                                         do solemnly and sincerely declare—

(a) Description of person making declaration

(1) That I am (a)

(2) That (b)                                    was the producer of the canned clingstone peaches specified in the claim for assistance.

(b) Name of manufacturer.

(3) That the canned clingstone peaches were produced by the said (b)                  at the factory mentioned in this claim for assistance.

(4) That the particulars contained in this claim for assistance are correct.

(5) That no other claim for assistance has been made nor has any assistance been granted under the Export Guarantee Act 1924-1925 in respect of the export of the canned clingstone peaches specified in this claim for assistance.

And I make this solemn declaration by virtue of the Statutory Declarations Act 1911, conscientiously believing the statements contained therein to be true in every particular.

(c) Signature of person making declaration.


Declared at                                            on the                                   day of                    One thousand nine hundred and twenty-                                     .

(d) Signature of person before whom declaration is made.

Before me—                                              (d)


(e) Here insert title of person before whom the declaration is made. That person must be a Police Stipendiary or Special Magistrate, a Justice of the Peace, a Commissioner for Affidavits, a Commissioner for Declarations or a Notary Public.

Note.—Any person who wilfully makes a false statement in a statutory declaration is guilty of an indictable offence, and is liable to imprisonment, with or without hard labour, for four years.


By Authority: H. J. Green, Government Printer, Canberra.