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War Memorial Regulations

Authoritative Version
SR 1927 No. 29 Regulations as made
Principal Regulations
Gazetted 07 Apr 1927
Date of repeal 01 Jul 1963
Repealed by Repeal of the enabling legislation by Australian War Memorial Act 1962


1927. No. 29.



I, THE GOVERNOR-GENERAL in and over the Commonwealth of Australia, acting with the advice of the Federal Executive Council, hereby make the following Regulations under the Australian War Memorial Act 1925, to come into operation forthwith.

Dated the 6th day of April 1927.



By His Excellency’s Command,


Minister of State for Home and Territories.


War Memorial Regulations.

Short title.

1. These Regulations may be cited as the War Memorial Regulations.


2. In these Regulations, unless the contrary intention appears—

“Committee” means a committee to which powers and functions of the Board have been delegated under section 9 of the Act;

“the Act” means the Australian War Memorial Act 1925.

Chairman of Committee.

3. (1) The members of a committee shall appoint one of their number to be Chairman of the committee.

(2) The Chairman of a committee shall have a deliberative, but not a casting, vote.

(3) In the event of the Chairman being absent from any meeting of the committee of which he is a member, the members present shall elect one of their number to act as Chairman at that meeting.

Quorum and voting.

4. (1) Two members of a committee shall constitute a quorum.

(2) Where, at a meeting from which any member is absent, there is an equality of voting upon any question before the committee, the consideration of the question shall be postponed to the next meeting at which all the members are present.

Report to Board.

5. Each committee shall make a report to the Board as and when the Board requires.




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