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SR 1927 No. 13 Regulations as made
These Regulations amend the Joint Electoral Rolls (Commonwealth and Victoria) Regulations .
Gazetted 08 Feb 1927
Date of repeal 20 Jan 1930
Repealed by Joint Electoral Rolls (Commonwealth and Victoria) Regulations


1927. No. 13.



WHEREAS pursuant to the Commonwealth Electoral Act and the Electoral Act of the State of Victoria, the Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia has entered into an arrangement with the Governor of the said State for the preparation, alteration, and revision jointly of Commonwealth Electoral Rolls and State Assembly Electoral Rolls in the said State:

And whereas Regulations for the purpose of carrying the said arrangement into effect have been made by the Governor-General and the Governor-in-Council of the said State:

And whereas it is desirable to amend the said Regulations:

Now, therefore, I, the Governor-General in and over the Commonwealth of Australia, acting with the advice of the Federal Executive Council, do hereby make the following Regulation under the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918-1925, to the intent that it shall have force in relation to the joint rolls to be prepared and kept in the State of Victoria in pursuance of the said recited arrangement.

Dated the 7th day of February, 1927.



By Command of His Excellency the Governor-General,


Minister of State for Home and Territories.


Amendment of Joint Electoral (Commonwealth and Victoria) Regulations.

(Statutory Rules 1924, No. 37.)

1. This regulation shall come into operation on the tenth day of February, 1927.

2. Sub-regulation (2) of regulation 16 of the Joint Electoral (Commonwealth and Victoria) Regulations is repealed and the following sub-regulations are substituted in lieu thereof:—

“(2) In the following cases notice of the change shall be given by notice in the Commonwealth Gazette and the Victoria Government Gazette and in some newspaper circulating in the part affected:—

(a) when a Subdivision is abolished and all electors whose names are on the roll for that Subdivision are changed to another Subdivision roll; or

(b) when by reason of the alteration of the boundaries of a Division, or of an Assembly District, any Subdivision is changed from one Division or Assembly District to another Division or Assembly District, and all the names of electors which are on the Subdivision roll for the first-mentioned Division or Assembly District are changed to a Subdivision roll for the last-mentioned Division or Assembly District; or

(c) when in consequence of a proclamation for the preparation of new rolls or action thereunder (other than action by an elector), the enrolment of any electors is changed to a Subdivision or Division or Assembly District which differs in name from the Subdivision or Division or Assembly District for which they were enrolled prior to the proclamation, and in the opinion of the officers charged with the preparation of the new rolls, a reasonably effective notice, generally applicable to all electors in a Subdivision whose enrolments have been changed can be so given.

3. In any case to which the last preceding sub-regulation does not apply, notice of the change shall be sent by post to each elector concerned, and may be in accordance with Form 10.”


Printed and Published for the Government of the Commonwealth of Australia by H. J. Green, Government Printer for the State of Victoria.