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Quarantine (Plague) Regulations 1921

Authoritative Version
SR 1921 No. 230 Regulations as made
Principal Regulations
Gazetted 08 Dec 1921
Date of repeal 18 Oct 1922
Repealed by Quarantine (Plague) Regulations 1922


1921. No. 230.



I, THE GOVERNOR-GENERAL in and over the Commonwealth of Australia, acting with the advice of the Federal Executive Council, hereby make the following Regulations under the Quarantine Act 1908-1920, to come into operation forthwith.

Dated this eighth day of December, 1921.



By His Excellency’s Command,


Minister for Health.


Quarantine (Plague) Regulations 1921.

1. These Regulations may be cited as the Quarantine (Plague) Regulations 1921.

2. In these Regulations, unless the contrary intention appears, "proclaimed place" means a place proclaimed under section 12 of the Quarantine Act 1908-1920 as infected with plague.

3. No person shall consign, send or convey from a proclaimed place, in any State or Territory of the Commonwealth to a place in any other State or Territory or to any place outside the Commonwealth any package of merchandise or goods unless the package—

(a) have been so packed as to entirely prevent access of rats to the interior of the package;

(b) have been packed to the satisfaction of an authorized Officer; or

(c) have, after examination by an authorized Officer been found to be free from rats.

4. No person shall consign, send or convey from any premises, in or upon which plague in man or rodent has occurred, to a place in any other State or Territory of the Commonwealth, any merchandise or goods, until the Health Authority of the State in which the premises are situate has, by certificate in writing, declared that, on the application of all recognised tests, the premises are, in the opinion of that Health Authority no longer infected.

5. For the purposes of regulations 3 and 4 of these Regulations the word “person” includes the owners, agents, or master of any vessel and the Commissioners or any other persons having the control of any railway.

6. (1) The Master of every vessel arriving in any Australian port from any proclaimed place in Australia shall not—

(a) permit any person (other than an authorized person) to board or quit the vessel; or

(b) permit any goods to be removed from the vessel,

until he has furnished to an authorized person a certified report in the form prescribed by the Regulation, of passengers and crew on board the vessel, and has made before, and handed to, an authorized person a declaration to the following effect:—

(1) That there are not at the time of making the declaration, and there have not been on board during the voyage—

(a) any person affected with any fever, with or without any glandular swelling; or

(b) any dead or apparently sick rats or mice.

(2) That the report furnished in accordance with this regulation is a true and correct list of all passengers and crew on board the vessel.


Report of Passengers and Crew on board the s.s.

on the                                                    19       , at


Master                                                   Medical Officer




Class or Rating.

Port of Embarkation.

Address at Destination.






I hereby certify that the above is a true and complete list of all passengers and crew on board the s.s.    on arrival at            together with the addresses of their destinations.


(2) The Master of every such vessel who is unable to make a declaration under this regulation shall not, until pratique is granted, allow the vessel to be brought into any part of the port within the Quarantine line.

7. (1) The Master of any vessel shall not, unless authorized by a Quarantine Officer, allow the vessel to leave the limits of any port in any proclaimed place in Australia until a medical inspection has been made by a Quarantine Officer of all persons on board.

(2) For the medical inspection and certificate issued relating thereto a fee of £2 2s. shall be paid by the Master, Owner or Agent.

(3) The Master of any such vessel shall not allow the vessel to leave the limits of the port with any person on board who was not present at the time of medical inspection. Penalty: Fifty pounds.

8. Any person who contravenes or fails to comply with any provision of these Regulations shall be guilty of an offence and shall, where no other penalty is provided, be liable to a penalty not exceeding One hundred pounds.










Printed and Published for the Government of the Commonwealth of Australia by Albert J. Mullett, Government Printer for the State of Victoria.