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SR 1916 No. 87 Regulations as made
These Regulations amend the Quarantine Regulations 1915 (Provisional).
Gazetted 11 May 1916
Date of repeal 18 May 1917
Repealed by Quarantine Regulations 1917


1916. No. 87.



I, SIR ARTHUR STANLEY, Governor of the State of Victoria and its Dependencies, in the Commonwealth of Australia, acting as the Deputy of the Governor-General in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution, acting with the advice of the Federal Executive Council, hereby certify that, on account of urgency, the following Regulations under the Quarantine Act 1908–1915 should come into immediate operation, and make the Regulations to come into operation forthwith as Provisional Regulations.

Dated this tenth day of May, One thousand nine hundred and sixteen.


Deputy of the Governor-General.

By His Excellency’s Command,


Minister of State for Trade and Customs.


Amendment of Quarantine Regulations 1915 (Statutory Rules 1915, No. 88).

The Quarantine Regulations 1915 (Statutory Rules No. 88 of 1915) are hereby amended by the repealing of Regulation 61 and the insertion of Regulation 61 hereunder in lieu thereof, and by the insertion after Regulation 63 of Regulation 63a hereunder: —

61. (1) The master or owner of any vessel in any port in Australia shall—

(a) effectively obstruct by means of stout netting or other means all openings or holes in the side of the vessel next to any wharf or lighter or other vessel and shall keep them so obstructed while the vessel is alongside such wharf or lighter or other vessel;

(b) affix and keep affixed an effective rat guard disc or screen not less than 1 foot or more than 3 feet from the side of the vessel to every rope or hawser connecting the vessel with any wharf or lighter or other vessel;

(c) when so ordered by a quarantine officer thoroughly illuminate from sunset to sunrise with electric or other brilliant lights the whole of the side of the vessel next to the wharf or to any vessel or lighter lying alongside;

C.5243—Price 3d.

(d) remove at sunset and keep removed until sunrise the landing stages and all nets and gangways between the vessel and any wharf, except during such time as those landing stages, nets, or gangways are required for the discharge or loading of cargo or for access of persons to and from the vessel and are actually being used for such discharge, loading or access; and

(c) take any other necessary and practicable measures to prevent the migration of rats to and from the vessel.

(2) No rat guard disc or screen shall be regarded as effective for the purpose of these Regulations unless it complies in all respects with the following requirements: —

(a) It shall be circular in outline formed in the shape of a cone and shall measure not less than 6 inches from base to apex, and not less, than 24 inches directly across any diameter of its base, rim to rim;

(b) It shall be made of sheet metal of at least 26 gauge without any opening or perforation except as hereafter specified;

(c) It shall be so constructed that when fitted the apex of the cone shall point towards the ship and the rope or hawser shall pass through the apex of the cone and the centre of the base, and all openings in the disc, screen or guard shall be effectively closed.

63a. The Master or Owner of any vessel in any port in Australia shall, when the vessel is about to be docked for repairs or for any other purpose, give notice to that effect to the Quarantine Officer at least 24 hours before the vessel is taken to the dock.


Printed and Published for the Government of the Commonwealth of Australia by Albert J. Mullett, Government Printer for the State of Victoria.