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Sugar Bounty Act 1913

Authoritative Version
Act No. 7 of 1913 as made
An Act to provide for a Bounty to Growers of Sugar Cane and Beet.
Date of Assent 30 Oct 1913
Date of repeal 06 Aug 1934
Repealed by Statute Law Revision Act 1934




No. 7 of 1913.

An Act to provide for a Bounty to Growers of Sugar Cane and Beet.

[Assented to 30th October, 1913.]


BE it enacted by the King’s Most Excellent Majesty, the Senate, and the House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Australia, for the purpose of appropriating the grant originated in the House of Representatives, as follows:—

Short title.

1.  This Act may be cited as the Sugar Bounty Act 1913, and shall come into operation on a day to be fixed by proclamation.

Payment of bounty.

2.  There shall be payable out of the Consolidated Revenue Fund, which is hereby appropriated accordingly, to every grower of white-grown cane or beet within the Commonwealth, a bounty at the rate provided by this Act on all such cane or beet delivered for manufacture —

(a) in respect of cane—after the first day of May and before the twenty-sixth day of July, One thousand nine hundred and thirteen, and


(b) in respect of beet—after the first day of January and before the twenty-sixth day of July. One thousand nine hundred and thirteen.

Bounties payable only to growers complying with regulations.

3.  Bounty under this Act shall not be payable to a grower on any cane or beet on which in the opinion of the Minister bounty would not have been payable under the Sugar Bounty Act 1905-1912 if that Act had not been repealed.

Rate of bounty.

4.  The rates of bounty payable under this Act shall be—

(a) in respect of cane—Two shillings and twopence per ton,

(b) in respect of beet—Two shillings per ton.