A kangaroo at left and an emu at right support a five sided plaque with images of a cross, a bird, a swan, a lion and more between them. They stand on supports with flowering branches all around them. Above the plaque is a star and below the word: Australia. The whole image is black on a white background.


WHEREAS Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, by Commission under Her Royal Sign Manual and the Great Seal of Australia dated 4 February 2022, appointed me, the Honourable Margaret Beazley, Companion of the Order of Australia, King’s Counsel, Governor of the State of New South Wales to administer the Government of the Commonwealth of Australia in the event of the absence out of Australia or the death, incapacity or removal of the Governor-General for the time being, or in the event of the GovernorGeneral having temporarily absented himself from office for any reason:


And whereas the Governor-General is from today absent out of Australia:


Now let it be known that, having taken the prescribed oaths, I have this day assumed the administration of the Government of the Commonwealth of Australia.



       Signed and sealed with the

       Great Seal of Australia

       on 14 May 2024




        Margaret Beazley





By Her Excellency’s Command





Anthony Albanese

Prime Minister