“No. 1 of 2023” 



I, Anna Willock, delegate of the Australian Fisheries Management Authority: 


  1. having been advised that the FV Amaltal Enterprise has been lawfully imported into Australia; and 


b.                   being satisfied that the extent of participation of citizens or residents of Australia either directly or indirectly, in the control of the operations of the boat in the Australian Fishing Zone will be such as to justify me in declaring the FV Amaltal Enterprise to be an Australian boat: 


make the following declaration under subsection 4(2) of the Fisheries Management Act 1991. 


Date     20 June 2023 




 Anna Willock 

  Deputy Chief Executive Officer 

Australian Fisheries Management Authority 




1.  This declaration may be cited as the Australian Boat Declaration No. 1 of 2023. 



2.  This declaration commences on gazettal. 



3.  In this declaration: 

Amaltal Enterprise” means the fishing boat known as the “FV Amaltal Enterprise” the call sign for which is ZMKW”. 


[Note: Terms defined in the Fisheries Management Act 1991 have the same meanings in this declaration.] 


Declaration that the FV Amaltal Enterprise is taken to be an Australian boat 

4.    The FV Amaltal Enterprise is, for the period commencing from the of date of gazettal of this notice to 20th September 2023, taken to be an Australian boat for the purposes of the Fisheries Management Act 1991.