Parliamentary Service (Remuneration) Amendment (Secretary, Department of Parliamentary Services) Determination 2017



Made under section 63 of the Parliamentary Service Act 1999


We, Senator the Hon Stephen Parry, President of the Senate, and the Hon Tony Smith MP, Speaker of the House of Representatives, after having received and taken account of, advice from the Remuneration Tribunal, make the following amendment determination under subsection 63(1) of the Parliamentary Service Act 1999.







President of the Senate    Speaker of the House of Representatives


Dated: 20 July 2017    Dated: 20 July 2017




1. Commencement


This Determination commences on and from 1 July 2017.


2. Amendment


Parliamentary Service Determination Number 1 of 2015


Secretary, Department of Parliamentary Services

Remuneration and other conditions of appointment


Clause 2.1


Repeal the clause, substitute:


2.1 The Secretary will be eligible for base salary and total remuneration as set out below:


(a) Base salary at the rate of $298,309 per annum; and

(b) Total remuneration of $426,160 per annum.