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Fish (Export Control) Act 1984

Act No. 14 of 1984



An Act to control the exportation of certain fish

[Reserved for assent on 15 March 1984]

[Assented to 20 September 1984]

BE IT ENACTED by the Legislative Assembly of Norfolk Island as follows —


 1. This Act may be cited as the Fish (Export Control) Act 1984.

 2. In this Act, “prescribed fish” means fish of the kind known as Trumpeter (Lethrinus chrysostomus), Groper (Promicrops lanceolatus) or Schnapper (Chryosphrys auratus), whether alive or dead and whether treated or untreated, and includes a part of any of those fishes.

 3. (1) A person shall not export any prescribed fish.

Penalty: 20 penalty units.

 (2) Fish exported, or attempted to be exported, in contravention of this section are forfeited to the Administration and may be seized by the Collector of Customs or by a member of the Police Force.

 (3) This section does not apply  

(a)                to fish not exceeding the prescribed quantity and exported by a person about to depart from Norfolk Island; or

(b)               to fish described in a permit issued by an Inspector within the meaning of the Plant and Fruit Diseases Act 1959, being fish intended to be used, after exportation, for scientific purposes or other like purposes.


 4. The Administrator may make Regulations, not inconsistent with this Act, prescribing all matters necessary or convenient to be prescribed for carrying out or giving effect to this Act and in particular prescribing penalties not exceeding 10 penalty units for offences against the Regulations.



Notified Gazette No. 43, 4 October 1984.

Commenced on notification (4 October 1984.)

Printed on the authority of the Administrator.


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