PPL6, PPL7, PPL8, PPL9, PPL10, PPL11, PPL12, PPL13, PPL14, PPL15, PPL16, PPL17, PPL18, PPL19, PPL20, PPL22, PPL23, PPL24, PPL25, PPL26, PPL27, PPL29, PPL30, PPL31, PPL32, PPL33, PPL35, PPL36, PPL37, PPL38, PPL39, PPL40, PPL41, PPL42, PPL43, PPL44, PPL45, PPL46, PPL47, PPL48, PPL51, PPL52, PPL53, PPL54, PPL55, PPL56, PPL57, PPL58, PPL59, PPL60, PPL61, PPL63, PPL64, PPL65, PPL66, PPL67, PPL68, PPL69, PPL70, PPL72, PPL73, PPL74, PPL75, PPL76, PPL77, PPL78, PPL79, PPL80, PPL81, PPL83, PPL84, PPL86, PPL87, PPL88, PPL89, PPL90, PPL91, PPL92, PPL94, PPL95, PPL98, PPL99, PPL100, PPL101, PPL102, PPL103, PPL104, PPL105, PPL106, PPL107, PPL108, PPL109, PPL110, PPL111, PPL113, PPL114, PPL115, PPL116, PPL117, PPL118, PPL119, PPL120, PPL121, PPL122, PPL123, PPL124, PPL125, PPL126, PPL127, PPL128, PPL129, PPL130, PPL131, PPL132, PPL133, PPL134, PPL135, PPL136, PPL137, PPL138, PPL139, PPL140, PPL143, PPL144, PPL145, PPL146, PPL147, PPL148, PPL149, PPL150, PPL151, PPL152, PPL153, PPL154, PPL155, PPL156, PPL158, PPL159, PPL160, PPL161, PPL162, PPL163, PPL164, PPL165, PPL166, PPL167, PPL172, PPL174, PPL175, PPL176, PPL177, PPL178, PPL179, PPL180, PPL182, PPL187, PPL189, PPL190, PPL193, PPL194, PPL195, PPL196, PPL201, PPL203, PPL204, PPL205, PPL206, PPL207, PPL208, PPL209, PPL210, PPL211, PPL212, PPL213, PPL214, PPL215, PPL220, PPL221, PPL224, PPL225, PPL226, PPL227, PPL228, PPL229, PPL230, PPL231, PPL232, PPL233, PPL234, PPL235, PPL236, PPL237, PPL238, PPL239, PPL240, PPL241, PPL242, PPL243, PPL245, PPL246, PPL247, PPL248, PPL249, PPL250, PPL251, PPL252, PPL253, PPL254, PPL255, PPL256, PPL257, PPL258, PPL260, PL23, PL24, PL25, PL26, PL29, PL31, PL32, PL33, PL34, PL35, PL36, PL37, PL38, PL39, PL47, PL50, PL51, PL52, PL55, PL57, PL58, PL59, PL60, PL61, PL62, PL63, PL68, PL75, PL76, PL77, PL78, PL79, PL80, PL81, PL82, PL83, PL84, PL85, PL86, PL87, PL88, PL95, PL97, PL105, PL106, PL107, PL108, PL109, PL110, PL111, PL112, PL113, PL114, PL129, PL130, PL131, PL132, PL133, PL134, PL135, PL136, PL137, PL138, PL139, PL140, PL141, PL142, PL143, PL144, PL145, PL146, PL147, PL148, PL149, PL150, PL151, PL152, PL153, PL154, PL155, PL156, PL157, PL158, PL159, PL168, PL169, PL170, PL175, PL177, PL178, PL181, PL182, PL184, PL186, PL187, PL188, PL189, PL193, PL205, PL207, PL208, PL241, PL244, PL245, PL249, PL254, PL255, PL293, PL294, PL295, PL298, PL301, PL302, PL303, PL411, PL509



As the certifying Minister for Section 20 of the Petroleum Resource Rent Tax Assessment Act 1987, I have issued a combination certificate for the abovementioned production licences. The production licences are to be treated as a single project for the purposes of the Petroleum Resource Rent Tax Assessment Act 1987 and related Acts.


Subject to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal Act 1975, a person or persons whose interests are affected by the above decision may make an application to the Tribunal for review of the decision.


The Hon Josh Frydenberg MP

Minister for Resources, Energy and Northern Australia