Radiocommunications (Accreditation Body) Determination 2014

THE AUSTRALIAN COMMUNICATIONS AND MEDIA AUTHORITY makes this determination under subsection 183(1) of the Radiocommunications Act 1992.

Dated 9th September 2014

Chris Chapman

Richard Bean
Member/General Manager





Australian Communications and Media Authority


1 Name of determination

  This determination is the Radiocommunications (Accreditation Body) Determination 2014.

2 Commencement

  This determination commences on the later of:

(a)     the day after it is registered; or

(b)     the day on which it is published in the Gazette.

Note 1: All legislative instruments and compilations are registered on the Federal Register of Legislative Instruments kept under the Legislative Instruments Act 2003. See

Note 2: Both (a) and (b) must occur for this determination to commence.

3 Revocation

  The Radiocommunications (Accreditation Body) Determination 1998 [F2005B01372] is revoked.

4 Accreditation body

  The National Association of Testing Authorities, Australia ABN 59 004 379 748 is an accreditation body for the purposes of section 183 of the Radiocommunications Act 1992.