Customs Act 1901 – Part XVB




Finding in relation to an accelerated review of

anti-dumping measures


Public notice under subsection 269ZG(3)


The Australian Customs and Border Protection Service (Customs and Border Protection) has completed its accelerated review of anti-dumping measures applying to consumer pineapple exported by Kuiburi Fruit Canning Co Ltd (KFC) to Australia from Thailand (“the goods”), which was commenced on 8 June 2012. Recommendations resulting from that review, reasons for the recommendations and material findings of fact and law in relation to the review are contained in International Trade Remedies Report 191 (REP 191) provided to me.


I, JASON CLARE, the Minister for Home Affairs, have considered the REP 191 and have decided to accept the recommendations and reasons for the recommendations, including all the material findings of facts or law set out in the report.  I declare under s. 269ZG(3)(b)(ii) of the Customs Act 1901 (the Act), that, with effect from 8 June 2012, this Act and the Customs Tariff (Anti-Dumping) Act 1975 have effect as if the original dumping duty notice had applied to the applicant but specified different variable factors had been fixed relevant to the determination of the duty payable by the applicant.


Copies of REP 191 may be obtained from International Trade Remedies Office Management, Canberra (telephone (02) 6275 6547 or facsimile (02) 6275 6888). International Trade Remedies reports are also available on the Customs and Border Protection internet site (


To preserve confidentiality, the revised variable factors will not be published.  Bona fide importers of the goods can obtain details of the new rates from the Regional Dumping Officer in their respective capital city. Copies of reports from accelerated reviews are not made public.


Enquiries regarding the outcome of the review may be directed to the case supervisor on telephone number (02) 6245 6950, fax number (02) 6275 6990 or


Dated this      2nd    day of    Oct     2012







Minister for Home Affairs