Commonwealth Coat of Arms of Australia

Statutory Rules

1978 No. 81


I, THE GOVERNOR-GENERAL of the Commonwealth of Australia, acting with the advice of the Federal Executive Council, hereby make the following Regulations under the Schools Commission Act 1973.

Dated this first day of June 1978.



By His Excellency’s Command,


Minister of State for Education




1. These Regulations shall be deemed to have come into operation on 14 January 1978.

2. The Schools Commission Regulations are amended by adding at the end thereof the following regulations:

Allowances corresponding to payments under regulations 93 and 97 of the Public Service Regulations

“ 11. A full-time member or a full-time acting member shall be entitled to be paid by way of allowance such amounts as would be payable to him under regulations 93 and 97 of the Public Service Regulations as in force from time to time—

(a) if he were an officer of the Australian Public Service;

(b) if the Commission were a Department of State of the Commonwealth; and

(c) if a reference in those regulations to—

(i) Chief Officer were a reference to a person designated by the Minister as Chief Officer for the purposes of these Regulations; and

(ii) Public Service Board were a reference to the Minister.


* Notified in the Commonwealth of Australia Gazette on 8 June 1978.

† Statutory Rules 1975, No. 57.

Removal expenses on appointment, transfer or ceasing to be a member

“ 12. (1) Where a person—

(a) is required to move to a different locality in order to take up an appointment as member; or

(b) as a member is transferred from one locality to another,

the Minister may authorize the payment to that person by way of allowance of expenses necessarily incurred by that person in the transmission of prescribed goods of that person and the other members of his household to that different locality or that other locality.

“ (2) Where a member is about to cease to be a member, the Minister may, if he thinks fit after having regard to—

(a) the circumstances in which the member was appointed or transferred to the locality in which he is performing his duties;

(b) the nature of that locality;

(c) the time spent by the member and his family in that locality; and

(d) any other matters that the Minister considers relevant,

authorize the payment by way of allowance to that member of the whole or part of the expenses that would be incurred by that member in the transmission of prescribed goods of that member and the other persons in his household from that locality to another locality.

“ (3) In sub-regulations (1) and (2)—

‘member’ means a full-time member or a full-time acting member;

‘prescribed goods’ means motor vehicles, furniture, household effects and personal effects.”.