No. 59 of 1950.

An Act relating to Export Duties of Customs.

[Assented to 14th December, 1950.]

BE it enacted by the Kings Most Excellent Majesty, the Senate, and the House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Australia, as follows:—

Short title.

1. This Act may be cited as the Customs Tariff (Export Duties) Act 1950.


2. The Customs Act 19011950 shall be incorporated and read as one with this Act.


3. In this Act, wool products has the same meaning as in the Wool Products Bounty Act 1930.

Time of imposition of duties

4. The time of the imposition of the duties of Customs imposed by this Act is the thirtieth day of November, One thousand nine hundred and fifty, at nine oclock in the forenoon, reckoned according to standard time in the Australian Capital Territory, and this Act shall be deemed to have come into operation at that time.

Imposition of duties.

5.—(1.) Duties of customs are imposed on goods consisting of or containing wool products, or manufactured or derived in whole or in part from wool products, and exported from Australia.

(2.) The duties of customs imposed by this Act are imposed as from the time specified in the last preceding section and shall be deemed to have been imposed at that time and shall be charged,

collected and paid to the use of the King for the purposes of the Commonwealth on all goods specified in the last preceding sub-section which are exported from Australia after that time.

Amount of duty.

6. The amount of the duty on goods specified in sub-section (1.) of the last preceding section is the amount which, in the opinion of the Collector, represents the amount (if any) of the subsidy or bounty paid or payable in respect of the production of the wool products of which those goods consist or which is contained in those goods, or from which those goods were manufactured or derived.