1943. No. 242.



I, THE GOVERNOR-GENERAL in and over the Commonwealth of Australia, acting with the advice of the Federal Executive Council, hereby make the following Regulation under the Post and Telegraph Act 1901–1934.

Dated this twenty-ninth day of September, 1943.



By His Excellencys Command,




Amendment of the Telegraph Regulations.

Regulation 45 of the Telegraph Regulations is repealed and the following regulation inserted in its stead:—

Delivery of telegrams.

45.—(1.) Subject to sub-regulation (2.) of this regulation a telegram shall be delivered—

(a) free of charge—

(i) within a radius of three miles from a Chief Telegraph Office;

(ii) within a radius of one and one-half miles from any office from which a delivery of telegrams is made and at which a telegraph messenger is employed for that purpose; and

(iii) within a radius of two miles from any office where, in the opinion of the Postmaster-General, the circumstances warrant a free delivery;

(b) subject to payment of a delivery charge of Threepence for each delivery, irrespective of the number of telegrams for the same addressee delivered at the same time—

(i) beyond a radius of three miles and within a radius of three and one-half miles from a Chief Telegraph Office; and


* Notified in the Commonwealth Gazette on      , 1943.

† Statutory Rules 1927, No. 142, as amended by Statutory Rules 1928, Nos. 55, 88 and 97; 1929, Nos. 15 and 128; 1930, Nos. 1, 5, 42, 81, 114 and 129; 1931, Nos. 70, 132 and 136; 1933, Nos. 102 and 127; 1934, Nos. 24, 113 and 137; 1935, No. 77; 1938, No. 63; 1939, Nos. 14 and 84; 1940, Nos. 50, 87 and 102; and 1942, No. 550.

5032.—Price 3d. 22/18.8.1943.

(ii) where the Postmaster-General so approves—beyond a radius of two miles and within a radius of two and one-half miles from an office to which sub-paragraph (iii) of paragraph (a) of this sub-regulation relates; and

(c) subject to the payment of delivery expenses—beyond the radii specified in the last two preceding paragraphs.

(2.) In any case where natural obstacles or other difficulties affect the delivery of any telegram to the address specified in the telegram, delivery to that address may be withheld unless the actual cost of delivery is prepaid or guaranteed by the sender or addressee..


By Authority: L. F. Johnston, Commonwealth Government Printer, Canberra.